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Teads Engineering

Hard skills run the tech, soft skills scale it up

  • Our mission at Teads is to foster a sustainable advertising and media ecosystem by funding quality journalism and respectfully connecting brands to consumers.
  • We are competing for advertising budgets against big companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter and also lots of startups.
  • Legally with privacy regulations such as GDPR in Europe, CCPA in the US and soon LGPD in brazil
  • Technologically with Apple (IOS and Safari) and Google enforcing more strict privacy technologies.
  • We deal with a lot of data with a low latency. We run millions of transactions per second in our exchange backend, ingest more than 100 billions of events per day, run 50 machine learning models in production making 5 millions of predictions per second. We also build SaaS web applications to connect our advertisers to our publishers.






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