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What’s new for the Ad Tech announced during the WWDC 2022

New Platform updates

Location attribution

Pasteboard access

Device name entitlement

New Privacy Nutrition labels video

Example of how an SDK should communicate about privacy information used.

Ads and SharePlay

A video stream shared between two users with ads inside
  • Try to offer ad breaks of similar durations
  • For live events use the default policy no waiting
  • For VOD use the waiting policy

App Tracking Transparency

SKAdNetwork 4.0

Ad flow example using SKAdNetwork

Crowd anonymity to better respect privacy

New attribution values

Examples of crowd anonymity for the source identifier
Examples of crowd anonymity for the conversion value

Two new conversions postback

SKAdNetwork attribution on the Web

SKAdNetwork flow when the user clicks on an Ad on the Web
"source_engagement_type": "click_to_App_Store",
"source_domain": "example.com",
"version": 3
"version": "4.0",
"ad_network_id": "fr.asapps.6nations",
"iTunes_item_id": "414001342",
"source_domain": "example.com",
"fidelity_type": 1,
"timestamp": 1661807742
  • Data minimization (use only the data you need)
  • On-device processing (do not send sensitive data on your server, do on-device treatment if possible)
  • Transparency and control (explains what data you are using and lets user controls what they send)
  • Security protections (Make sure the data transiting is protected)



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