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IV. The Power of Wholeness: In Relationship

Article 4 of a 7 Part Series Authored by Mieke Byerley: Full work originally published on Biomimetic Clockworx.

This Labour of Love emerged as a consequence of the seeds planted in the original primary deliverable of a Teal for Startups’ White Paper initiative. It was formed by a Collaborative Community Question Harvesting exercise back in 2015. It was then carefully incubated by dedicated community members across Seven Work Streams, and is incrementally emerging in the form of Blog Series for the benefit of the Teal for Startup Community Members with the acknowledgment of the time and effort many have invested.

If you missed them, here are Article 1, Article 2 & Article 3 of the 7 part “The Power of Wholeness” series

In Relation to the Organizational Parts

Image by Kelvy Bird published with permission from the Presencing Institute

What is wholeness for individuals within their organisational context?

Personal: Committing to the developmental journey; there is no Organizational (vertical) development, without individual (vertical) development. It is the Relational Self recognizing, adjusting and holding the dynamic tensions between Self<>Other, Doing<>Being, and Inspiration<>Reality. Taking 100% responsibility and accountability (personal agency) for our lives and its impact, and for our own experience of meaning, rather than waiting for ‘the organisation’ to make it happen. Where attention goes energy follows to interdependence that is appreciative, generous and balanced. It is living from a sense of deep self-worth. This includes the capacity to honor a unique life path and to set boundaries with others.

The Holistic Development Model (Lips-Wiersma and Morris, 2011)

What is wholeness for the collective within the organisational context?

Private: Taming the fear of Ego; Inner rightness as a compass; Life as a journey of unfolding authenticity; Building on strength; Dealing gracefully with adversity; Wisdom beyond rationality; Integration of all parts; Suspending judgement in relation to others; Interpersonal ability. Relationship building and maintaining that is Holistic and eco-centric. Trusting others and the universe. This includes the power to live neither above or below the world, but with faith, openness, engagement, equality, mutuality and above all else forgiveness.

The 3 Divides (Scharmer, 2015)

What is wholeness for the organisation as a living system, an organism in its own right?

Public: The alignment of its own Nucleus, DNA, and Anatomy; giving rise to its unity of consciousness, meaning, purpose, self-awareness, ecosystem and unique autonomous identity. The intrinsic unification of the Individual to the Collective persona known as collective unity, which creates a whole that is greater than the sum of all its parts through a phenomenon called ‘Morphic Field’. Generating successful collective action and results that are holistic and eco-centric. Operating with personal, collective and Organizational congruence, based on an ethical core and value-based principles.

HCO3: Human-Centric Organization 3.0 (Byerley, 2016)

What does wholeness mean for an Organisation in its external being — Its connection with the wider eco-system?

Intrinsic: The triune integration and expansion of the 3 previously mentioned into Wholism. Incorporating the various dimensions of Context, Inclusion, Relationship, Contribution, Interaction, Integration, Oneness, Interiority, Whole/Part, and Emergence. It recognizes itself as Part of the interconnected ecosystem and contributes to the improvement of the conditions that we live in which are complex and systemic. Loving others and valuing their deep worth as well. This includes the capacity to sacrifice personal, collective and organizational desires and ambitions in favor of what benefits others; to be generous and to be compassionate.

The Dimensions of Wholeness Model (Atlee, 2013)

“Fulfill the promise of the future through the lessons of the past and blessings of the present.”

Next Article 5 of the 7 part “The Power of Wholeness” series: Foundation Stones


Each Article is accompanied with a curated selection of resources, provided to further stimulate conversation, formation, research and real life practical application for you and the community.

Inquiry Exercise

  1. What issues or challenges am I confronted with?
  2. Why do these challenges exist?



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Thank You
Special thanks to Malek who is the co-initiator and founder of T4S and founder of FLOW, and Steph who is the founder of Ikigai and co-creator for T4S for taking the time to review the Full Series of articles. Also to all fellow collaborators of the Culture & Values Stream Team for all the support, feedback and reviews during the bulk of the writing.

I would like to recognize that this work would never have materialized if it was not for the amazing contributions of the following communities doing amazing work in their own right. So it is with a very humble heart and a great sense of appreciation that I introduce them here below:
Teal for Startups Community: https://medium.com/teal-for-startups
Frederic Laloux, and the Reinventing Organizations Community: http://www.reinventingorganizations.com/
Otto Scharmer, and the U.Lab Community: https://www.presencing.com/
Marjolein and Lani, and the Map of Meaning CoP: http://www.holisticdevelopment.org.nz/
Tom Atlee and the Co-Intelligence Institute: http://www.co-intelligence.org/index.html
Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal: http://www.couragerenewal.org/




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