An Experiment: Our Sensing Journey

Malek Jaber
Nov 5, 2016 · 14 min read
Photograph by Malek Jaber
  • What are your professional aspirations?
  • How did you hear about Teal for Startups?
  • What brings you to the Teal for Startups community?
  • What keeps you with Teal for Startups?
  • If a close friend asked why you are part of this group, what ONE experience or event would you tell them about so that they understood what it is like?
  • What gifts would you most like to offer to the community?
  • What do you love about your work?
  • What would you like to see more of in the Teal for Startups community?
  • What do you need in order to be able to contribute to the group?
  • How can Teal for Startups best serve you, and what is not working for you?
  • Is there anything else that you would like to share?
Visualisation by Mieke Byerley
Visualisation by Mieke Byerley
Visualisation by Mieke Byerley
Visualisation by Malek Jaber
Visualisation by Steph
A Global Ecosystem Blueprint by Malek Jaber

Time and Money — “Letting go to Letting Come”

While embodying this and also being present in other experiments (Teal/Theory U/etc), FLOW emerged.

The FLOW Cycle Visualisation by Malek Jaber

Observations on the Sensing Journey

The sensing journey was a gathering of like-minded people who went on a human journey together. It was a human process where we reflected back on some of the challenges experienced in the current paradigm. For example, several people in the community demanded some type of governance. When a team formed to create a piece of governance (the facebook guidelines), only a few people participated.

A Few Examples of What didn’t work?

  • The calls were important co-learning and co-creating spaces. More of those spaces are needed for people to learn, to be inspired and to share the tensions experienced throughout their learning journey. The group calls became co-learning spaces and the work needed to happen on separate calls.
  • It is important for people who form a team to have resonant interpersonal relationships. We learnt that team formation and interpersonal relationships should be the first step to co-creation. Without this “resonance-ship” bond, co-creation cannot happen.
  • We started from the mindset of work and quickly realised that co-creation flourishes better when we lead with a playful mind. We believe that the next stage of growth starts when we all have learnt how to play again.

What is T4S for the Sensing Journey Team?

During a team call on the 23rd of September 2016, we each answer this question and below was our response:


As with most learning journeys, this is about appreciating the current system and celebrating it to support what it wants to become. When looking at our wider participation across communities (e.g. the sharing economy), we have noticed that this need is being expressed across the board. The insight gained led to some personal realisations and the birth of several theories and systems that will be shared at a later stage. This journey of discovery, learning and sharing that is helping the T4S community bond. We are all continuously growing, individually and as a team to increase our impact and support the transformation of the existing ecosystem. We believe that individuals should first discover their true own purpose, before working on emerging a collective purpose.

So what’s next? Stage 3: “It’s all about you”

Stage 3 is where you may define and start experiments by yourself or within a small group. Those experiments may lead to natural teams emerging. We would be appreciative if you can share the results of those experiments back with the community for collective learning, for example, by writing a blog.

A visual scribe of a team call by Rebecca Quansah


The authors of this blog are Malek who is the co-initiator of T4S and co-founder of UnleashLeadership, and Steph who is the founder of Ikigai and co-creator for T4S. Stage 1 committed co-creation team: Malek, Mieke, Morya, Steph, and all the sensing survey respondents. Stage 2 committed co-creation team: Malek, Mieke, Natalia, Rebecca, Simon, Steph, and the co-learning participants: Amanda J, Gabriela, Ieva, Josephine, Jussi, Marie, Mariusz, Pamela, Tena, Tom, and Yolande who joined on an occasional basis. Special thanks to Amanda S for her editing skills. Other References: Teal, Theory U.

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