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Summer Emergence — The Powerⁿ Series

Newsletter #3

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Jul 11, 2017 · 2 min read
Photograph taken in Budapest on 6th May 2017 by Malek Jaber

Dear Community,

To follow on from the first episode of the Power of Teams Series, there’s has been an organic emergence of two additional Powerⁿ Series, the Power of Wholeness, and the Power of Entrepreneurs.

In the Power of Teams Series we are looking especially at team based experiments and how those teams formed. In this second episode, we featured stories from two amazing teams, This Project and Unleash Leadership.

In the Power of Wholeness Series, we are looking at wholeness from a personal and business perspective. In an attempt to understand and share its benefits in our day to day contexts, using an accessible and practical approach. Read the first episode here.

In the Power of Entrepreneurs Series we are looking at individuals forming new initiatives. In the first episode, we featured stories from two pioneers, Wade and Pam.

If you would like to share your journey and be featured in our up and coming blogs then you may make a submission in either the Power of Teams or Power of Entrepreneurs forms. This is a great tool to help get support for your initiative, grow your team, by making your key ask visible.

For now, we are building the community one experiment at a time and sharing our journeys through blogs. To support us please like and share this blog.

We wish you a glorious summer, and a huge appreciation to everyone who has been part of our journey.

Love and hugs,

Malek, Mieke and Steph

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  1. Wholeness — Being ourselves at work
  2. Evolutionary Purpose — Listening what is most important in the moment and do that.
  3. Self-organising — organically forming teams to serve a purpose

Several experiments have taken place over the past year which includes:

  1. How did we support the Emergence of our Collective Purpose
  2. Our Sensing Journey
  3. The Power of Teams Series — Episode 1 and Episode 2
  4. The Power of Wholeness Series — Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, …
  5. The Power of Entrepreneurs Series —Episode 1
  6. Our Berlin Chapter
  7. Others are completed or under way, such as Personal Development, where blogs may emerge in the future.

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