4.1 Bodystorming

After deciding on a final concept direction, we decided to quickly bodystorm the situation just to see if it would help us develop prototype to test with actual users.

We had Bori sit in another room while video calling Willow, who was in the kitchen. It was Bori’s job to verbally take Willow through making of a pasta dish while Willow pretended to cook.

I, on the other hand, took the role of the system. Bori wrote the steps of the recipe onto different sticky notes before the start of this body storming exercise. Then I, as the system, placed the notes onto the ingredient or tool in real time as Bori described them to Willow.

The entire process took about 8 minutes. And we took away a lot of things we did not anticipate.

  1. The pace in which we completed the whole process is a lot faster than if actually cooking live.
  2. Willow (the person that is cooking) moves faster than Bori (the person giving the instruction) can talk. As soon as Bori starts her sentence, Willow is on the move before Bori can finish. Therefore, transcribing each step in detail is not always necessary.
  3. The amount of info and location is important.
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