Everbridge Helps Keep People Safe and Businesses Running

A Mission That Matters

The Everbridge platform enables large organizations — including city and state governments, universities, hospitals, and corporations — to instantly communicate with their constituents when seconds matter.

We get to see the results of these critical communications in the news nearly every day.

  • During Hurricane Matthew, more than 900 counties, cities, businesses, transportation authorities and hospitals — including the state of Florida — used Everbridge to send millions of messages to keep people in the storm’s path informed, connected, and safe.
  • During the Boston Marathon bombing, the city used Everbridge to call in additional police and to mobilize command posts, while companies with nearby offices used Everbridge to check on the safety of employees.
  • When a global coffee retailer needs to recall an item, they use Everbridge to know which stores carry the item and to alert employees right at the register.
  • When Mayo Clinic wanted to assess stroke patients en route to the hospital, Everbridge allowed them to “dial into” ambulances via video and messaging, letting physicians shave key minutes off treatment time.

The Market Leader

In 2016, Everbridge’s SaaS-based solutions suite helped customers deliver:

  • over 1.5 billion messages in
  • 200+ countries and territories
  • on 100+ communication devices

Organizations using Everbridge include:

  • 9 of the 10 largest U.S. cities
  • 9 of the 10 largest U.S.-based investment banks
  • 6 of the 10 largest auto manufacturers
  • 25 of the 25 busiest North American airports
  • 4 of the 10 largest U.S.-based healthcare providers

A Product with Impact

The Everbridge critical communications platform is more customizable, reliable, and scalable than its competitors and serves all industry verticals.

We provide a global solution with global infrastructure recently updated to add 10x capacity.

Our salesforce—which is greater than most competitors’ entire businesses— takes a value-based approach to high-volume, high-velocity SaaS sales.

To make sure our team members feel challenged and that they are learning valuable new skills that support their ongoing career growth, we offer various sales trainings, such as for the Sandler and Challenger models.

Founded To Help

Everbridge was founded in 2002 in Glendale, Ca., catalyzed by the Sept. 11 attacks, with the goal of improving the way organizations communicate and locate their people in critical situations.

A Successful IPO

In 2012, Jaime Ellertson joined Everbridge as CEO and opened our Boston-area East Coast Headquarters, bringing decades of experience running successful technology companies to the role. Under his vision, and supported by an equally experienced executive team, Everbridge has expanded its offerings and increased its market share, leading to a successful IPO in September 2016.

Sustained Growth

Everbridge is steadily adding to its 500+ employees across its global offices.

  • Burlington, MA, a cornerstone of Boston’s Tech Loop
  • Pasadena, CA, L.A’s newest startup node
  • San Francisco, CA, home of 2015 acquisition Nixle and a tech hub
  • Lansing, MI, home of 2017 acquisition IDV Solutions
  • Orlando, FL, providing sales and engineering support to our U.S Customer base
  • Beijing, China, our first and largest engineering team
  • Munich, Germany, our Europe sales office
  • Maidenhead, UK, our UK sales office, across from the castle
  • Colchester, UK, outside London, providing support to our EMEA customer base
  • Madrid, Spain, providing sales support to our EMEA customer base
  • Norsborg, Sweden, providing support to our EMEA offices
  • Singapore, providing support to our EMEA customer base

Interested in joining Everbridge ?

Reach out to RecruitingTeam@everbridge.com.

Everbridge Through Employees’ Eyes

#TeamEverbridge — Burlington, MA

Cristal welcomes guests at the front desk

The team gathers for Tasty Tuesday, the weekly catered lunch

Implementation replaces a few key Post-Its in the Nyan Cat mural

The weekly happy hour, dubbed “Thirsty Thursdays,” begins!

Looks like it’s about time to head home for the evening

Team Everbridge

We help large organizations-like governments and companies-keep their people safe and informed in critical situations. These are the stories of the people behind the technology.



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We help large organizations keep their people safe and informed when seconds matter.

Team Everbridge

We help large organizations-like governments and companies-keep their people safe and informed in critical situations. These are the stories of the people behind the technology.