Get To Know: Kirsty Grant, EMEA Senior Marketing Manager

Joined Everbridge: August, 2016

Location: Windsor, UK

Tell us about what you do at Everbridge?

My job day-to-day is to build sales pipelines for the European business, through marketing activities across the UK and Europe. I work with the European sales team to build brand awareness through PR, digital marketing, email marketing and events. I also collaborate with influencers in the industry to build our brand and reach new audiences.

My team also works with our customers to produce case studies about how they’re using our solutions. This helps prospects understand what the products can do for them. For me, that involves how Everbridge solutions benefit their organisation, which is a really enjoyable aspect of the job.

Joining Everbridge was really about the product and using technology to save lives. I want to dedicate my career to that.

What brought you to Everbridge specifically?

It was really about the product, and, of course, using technology to save lives is a really strong driver. I want to dedicate my career to that. This is an area of communication that the world needs right now and will continue to need. We’re still building a market here in Europe, so it’s also exciting to play a part in its growth.

I also think Everbridge is one of the most supportive cultures I’ve experienced. I was offered a mentoring program very early on and there’s never a shortage of offers to help. I have a great mentor in the business who I can call up anytime.

Is there something you’ve accomplished here that you’re particularly proud of?

Yes. Within my first month at the company, I’ve already hired somebody into the team. He is the manager for our BDR inside sales team, and he’s doing very well. I’m planning to bring more skills into the marketing team to drive demand generation through campaigns in 2017.

I’ve also been focusing on building Everbridge within the IT alerting industry, an area we’re focused on expanding. I’ve been able to introduce Everbridge to a number of industry organizations and get us involved in some of the key events and programs across Europe.

Are there skills and knowledge from past roles that you’ve been able to bring to Everbridge?

In the past, I’ve done a lot of different marketing roles, whether it was PR, event management, or customer marketing. Everbridge has given me the chance to bring that all together to tackle the challenge of helping build the European market. This is my first time doing that, and it requires me to bring a lot of different projects into a cohesive strategy.

What are some of the challenges that you and your team are facing?

It’s easy to get swamped because there’s a lot to accomplish here, so one of the biggest challenge is staying focused on what brings us the quickest returns. There are so many scenarios where Everbridge’s solutions are applicable, whether it’s keeping people safe or keeping the business running. So we want to understand which sectors provide the greatest opportunity for impact and growth.

What characteristics help people succeed at Everbridge?

I think teamwork is really important in any job. But when you’re building something like we are here, you’re constantly drawing on resources from within the company as well as outside. So, the ability to collaborate and share not only the good things, but also discussing things that aren’t working, is key. People with a lot of energy, passion, and an interest in communication do well at Everbridge.

“People with a lot of energy, passion, and an interest in communication would do well at Everbridge.”

What are some interesting things you’ve learned since joining Everbridge?

I’ve learned a lot about the industry, to start with. Emergency planning, crisis management — it’s all fascinating. Obviously it’s also closely linked to events in the real world. I’m learning more about how Everbridge can have an important part to play when major incidents happen.

Where do you see yourself going next?

That’s pretty easy to answer. For me personally, and for the business in Europe, the goal is to grow. What that would mean is building up the success of marketing as a function in the European business — not only hiring new people, but seeing them succeed. One way we do that is by offering them the opportunity to move into other roles within the company. It was nice to see that, soon after I joined, one of the BDRs in my organization was promoted to an account management role.

That’s great. What are you passionate outside of work?

I have a dog who is very important to me. He comes to work with my from time to time — there are lot of dogs in the Windsor office. He likes to travel, and so do I! I’ve taken time off work to travel the world before. I’ve done three world trips so far. Some of my favorite places are New Zealand, and the U.S.A. actually. I did a road trip for four months in America. It’s a phenomenal country!

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