11/12 Synthesizing Charlee’s Interview

After speaking with Charlee, we spent some time together synthesizing our takeaways into two main points: the character of Pittsburgh and opportunities for interventions. We mapped some characteristics that she mentioned as reasons to love the city: people, topography, architecture, belief in philanthropy, neighborhoods, old/new, unique stores, genuineness, walking city, and diversity. Then, combining our takeaways from her interview with the other research we’ve done, we discussed some opportunity spaces: connecting strangers, revitalizing empty storefronts, connecting neighborhoods, referencing the old, connecting locals and newcomers, and improving infrastructure.

To explore these areas of potential interest, we brainstormed some ideas that would reference the rich history of Pittsburgh and connect locals and newcomers to each other for knowledge-sharing. A lot of our ideas revolved around a central concept of revealing what used to be in a particular location. Our ideas used a variety of media, technologies, and locations to do so.

After bringing our principles back in (create intrigue, take away a story, and leverage tangible interactions), we found that we were no longer excited about the direction our project was taking. Perhaps we had based this discussion too heavily on what we heard from one person rather than bringing it back to all of our research takeaways. Therefore, we tabled the discussion for the night and met the next day to come up with more concepts.