The Trump Broken Promises Bus Tour: Live Blog

He broke it, we’ll fix it.

Team Gillibrand
Jul 9 · 15 min read

Lansing, MI

Friday, July 12 — 8:42 pm ET

We just wrapped up our time in Lansing, Michigan for the final stop on the Trump Broken Promises Tour. Later, once I’ve had some more time to look through my notes, I’ll share more of the stories from the people I spoke with and what they had to share, but right now, I thought I’d take a few moments to reflect on our tour.

Over the past two days — in three states and six cities where President Trump’s lies hit the hardest — one thing sticks out to me: These are resilient people who are hurting, and they’re ready to fight back for what matters to them.

President Trump hasn’t made the changes he promised these families, and in fact, he’s punched down on the people and places he said he’d help. The families and individuals I’ve met have suffered as a result of job loss, gun violence, skyrocketing drug prescription prices, cuts to Social Security, and a lack of clean water — and President Trump has only made things worse.

The truth is, nothing is going to change unless we do something about it. This country needs a president who won’t break promises on these issues that keep families up at night. A president who brings people together. A president who will never stop fighting for working families.

That’s why I’m running for president. I’ll bring commonsense solutions to the issues you care about. I’ll reach the voters who feel left behind without compromising our values. And I’ll fight for your family as hard as I fight for my own.

I’ll have more to share with you later, but until then, remember: Brave wins.

— Kirsten

My plan to protect reproductive rights

Friday, July 12–5:23 pm ET

President Trump said he “cherishes” women, but as we all know, that’s far from the truth. And he’s been a gift to the anti-choice extremists who would see reproductive freedom dragged back to the dark ages: He’s appointed dozens of anti-abortion federal judges — and two extreme Supreme Court justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh — and enacted a domestic gag rule to prevent providers from referring their patients for abortion.

I believe firmly that reproductive rights are human rights, and they are non-negotiable. That’s why I was the first candidate to release a robust reproductive rights agenda. I’ll only appoint judges who believe Roe v. Wade is settled law, and I’ll codify Roe into federal law to protect all Americans’ constitutional and human right to abortion. I’ll repeal the Hyde Amendment, and guarantee reproductive health care is accessible in all 50 states.

I believe President Trump’s kryptonite is a strong woman who can’t be silenced or intimidated out of fighting for what’s right. I’ve spent my entire career fighting for women, and I’m not about to stop now.

— Kirsten

Kirsten tours a water filtration plant in Flint, MI with Mayor Karen Weaver

Flint, MI

Friday, July 12 — 5:23 pm ET

Today, I visited Flint, Michigan to meet with Mayor Karen Weaver and residents who have seen the water crisis unfold firsthand — and whose lives were upended by not being able to drink, bathe or cook with water in their own homes.

It’s been five years. Five years, and still, not every family has the guarantee of clean water — because the truth is, there is no safe level of lead in water. Five years, and still, Flint still doesn’t have justice.

This is an outrage.

President Trump promised he’d help the city of Flint, but that hasn’t happened. Instead, he’s lied to the public and left children without safe water.

Justice for Flint means finally getting to the bottom of what went wrong. It means holding those responsible accountable. It means ensuring each parent can trust that their children aren’t being poisoned by such a basic necessity.

Anything less than that is unacceptable. My water infrastructure plan will help communities like Flint rebuild after man-made disasters and prevent future crises from happening by raising the standards for water infrastructure nationwide. Clean drinking water — and clean air — ought to be a national priority. And when I’m president, it will be.

I’ve said it before: Clean water is a fundamental human right. You deserve to trust the water coming out of your tap is safe to drink — no matter who you are, or where you live.

Flint Rising works daily to ensure families like yours in Flint have access to safe, clean and affordable water. If you agree that clean water should be a human right, will you chip in to help support their work?

— Kirsten

My plan to address the water crisis in Flint, Michigan

Friday, July 12 — 2:05 pm ET

I’ve just arrived at the fifth stop of this tour in Flint, Michigan. The crisis here made international news, but after more than five years, Flint families still don’t have enough clean water. President Trump strode into town promising the “turn this around” and restore safe drinking water — but he did the opposite, and proposed an $874 million cut to EPA loan programs that support local water infrastructure in places like Flint.

This is my plan to address our urgent water infrastructure vulnerabilities. I pledge to amend current law to ensure federal disaster funding for crises like here in Flint, and to dedicate $400 billion to build out safe water infrastructure nationwide over 10 years.

Clean water — and air — is a human right, and as president, I’ll fight to ensure no families have to face a crisis like this ever again.

— Kirsten

Oakland County, MI

Friday, July 12 — 11:58 am ET

It was amazing to see the number of Moms Demand volunteers at our event in Oakland County this morning. Groups like Moms Demand Action, March For Our Lives, Students Demand Action, and Giffords have been working tirelessly to move the sticky wheel of gun safety — and they’re succeeding.

One of the gun safety measures these groups are fighting for is universal background checks. President Trump promised to pass and strengthen background checks but when a bill doing just that made it out of the House of Representatives, he threatened to veto it if it ever made it to his desk. Not only did he break his promise, he pledged to stand in the way of any chance we had at passing critical legislation.

As president, I will pass universal background checks as part of my plan to combat gun violence and I was proud to share the announcement with the families who joined us in Birmingham this morning.

One of our guests asked me what I would do about the intersection of gun violence and domestic abuse. I told her that my plan includes closing the boyfriend loophole to ensure that an abusive partner can’t have access to a gun, even if they’re married. I also told her I would continue to fight for the Violence Against Women Act.

Another mom asked me what I would do to make it easier to collect data on gun violence. I told her I would work with the CDC to track reports of gun violence so we can treat it like the health crisis that it is.

One of the last questions I received was from a woman who wanted advice on how to run for office for the first time. I told her: tell your story. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools we have as public servants. I use stories to convince my colleagues in the Senate to join important pieces of legislation. I use stories to shape the content of bills I write to help the families I serve. But most importantly, I use stories to change the hearts and minds of voters I meet so that we can work together towards a better world for all Americans. It’s how I won my first race in a 2–1 Republican district, and it’s how we’re going to pass commonsense gun legislation: by telling stories and resewing the moral fabric of our nation.

— Kirsten

My plan to combat gun violence

Friday, July 12 — 9:55 am ET

Gun violence is an epidemic plaguing far too many communities in this country, including nearby Detroit, MI. As a candidate, Trump said he’d support stronger background checks on the sales of firearms to reduce gun violence. But as president, when the House passed a bill to do just that? He threatened to veto it if it passed the Senate.

People are dying. We can’t wait any longer for change. That’s why a key component of my plan to reduce gun violence tackles the problem head-on. It starts with getting the NRA’s blood money out of our politics and includes prosecuting gun trafficking through conspiracy charges at the federal level.

I will never let up on the fight to protect American families and communities. And that’s a promise I’ll keep.

— Kirsten

Why this tour matters

Thursday, July 11 — 9:27 pm ET

Hey there — I’m Meredith Kelly, communications director for Gillibrand 2020.

We’re halfway through our two-day, three-state Trump Broken Promises bus tour, and so far, the responses we’re getting from voters have been incredible. From a Pittsburgh mom’s heartbreaking but inspiring fight for affordable health care for her three sons, to a poignant conversation in Youngstown, Ohio about tackling institutional racism, this tour has already been full of powerful moments. And that’s why Kirsten wanted to do this tour in the first place: She’s here to listen to some of the people who’ve been hurt most by President Trump’s failures, and share her concrete plans to solve the challenges they’re facing.

While we’re driving to Michigan, I wanted to take a minute to answer a question we’ve been getting a lot: Why are you going on this tour? I know some folks might think it’s unusual for a candidate to spend time in “general election states” — battleground states that Trump won — during the primary.

For starters, we can — and have been — doing all of the above! Kirsten has made dozens of trips to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, and other early-primary states to win the support of caucus-goers and voters. She’s been touting her progressive record, her ambitious plans on issues like climate change and health care, and her case for why she’s the best candidate to fix what’s broken in Washington and bring this country together. We have to be able to excite the Democratic base with a bold vision while earning back the trust of voters who feel left behind, and I strongly believe Kirsten can do both.

But more than that, this tour recognizes an undeniable fact about this primary: Democratic primary voters are determined to pick the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump. Kirsten is that candidate.

She’s not afraid to go to Trump’s doorstep, whether that means visiting states he won in 2016 or launching her campaign in front of Trump International. In fact, taking on the tough fights others won’t is what Kirsten has done her entire career, and she’s delivered — including by voting against the Trump agenda more than any other Senator or 2020 candidate.

To beat President Trump, you have to have the courage, the toughness, and tenacity to go toe-to-toe with him and call out the ways he’s failed Americans. That’s what this tour is about.

I’m glad you’re joining us — stay tuned for more!

— Meredith

Cleveland, OH

Thursday, July 11 — 7:15 pm ET

At our last stop today, I met with voters in Cleveland, OH to talk about my plans to expand Social Security. Some of our guests weren’t old enough to receive Social Security benefits, but everyone in the room understood the importance of protecting it for future generations.

This year President Trump suggested cutting $25 billion from Social Security after promising that he wouldn’t cut programs like Social Security and Medicare. He lied. Again.

Time after time President Trump has proven that he’s not on the side of working families, but the people I met with today aren’t going to let him get away with it.

One woman who joined our discussion wanted to talk about reproductive rights because fighting for them is important to her. I told her I agreed and shared with her my reproductive rights agenda that includes codifying Roe v. Wade and repealing the Hyde Amendment.

Another young man told me he wanted to be a teacher but was worried that teachers aren’t valued or paid well enough. I told him that I support raising teacher pay and have a national jobs training program to support workers looking for better paying jobs.

The people I’m meeting with know what matters to them and they’re ready to fight for it. I’m inspired by their conviction and beyond excited to be fighting alongside them.

Day one of our tour is a wrap — and I can’t wait to get started on day two!

— Kirsten

My plan to expand Social Security

Thursday, July 11 — 5:07 pm ET

If you rely on Social Security for income, then I don’t need to tell you how many times Republicans have falsely promised to protect this critical benefit. President Trump is no different. In 2015, he campaigned on promises of defending Social Security, but since becoming president, he’s proposed cutting $25 billion from the program.

I understand the important role this program serves in supporting our senior citizens and Americans with disabilities, so today I’m releasing a plan to protect and expand Social Security. I’m on my way to Cleveland, OH to share the news with Social Security advocates in the area. I have a hunch they’re going to really like it. See for yourself by reading my plan here.

— Kirsten

Youngstown, OH

Thursday, July 11–4:13 pm ET

My visit to Youngstown, Ohio and conversation with community members here revolved around a belief I hold deeply: We need a president who will put workers first — not corporations, not executives, not the already super wealthy and powerful.

Think about how much better off the working families here in Youngstown would be if they had as much control over their futures as the executives who decided to ship their jobs overseas. President Trump wants people to think it’s immigrants that are taking their jobs while he’s busy giving massive tax benefits to the very same American companies who are laying them off. It’s wrong on so many levels. If we want to stand up for working families, we need to hold companies accountable for the damage they do to communities when they pack up and leave.

My plan to hold corporations accountable starts with actually penalizing and disincentivizing outsourcing — no more tax breaks that go straight to executives’ pockets instead of workers’. FEMA has a fund to treat natural disasters — my administration will have a fund to treat economic disasters.

If we want to keep jobs in the U.S. we also need to continue building a competitive workforce by investing in things like STEM education. And we can start investing in green energy now so that we secure our spot as the leader in green energy production and guarantee those jobs are available where they’re most needed — not to mention leading the world in combating climate change, as we should.

Supporting working families is a full-time job, and it should be the job of the president.

— Kirsten

My plan to protect American jobs

Thursday, July 11 — 1:27 pm ET

We’re on our way to Youngstown, OH for the second stop of our tour. Families here are feeling the painful effects of General Motors’ decision to close their manufacturing plant in Lordstown. That decision cost the region over 3,000 jobs and over $3 billion in lost economic output. President Trump promised to protect American jobs like these, but instead, he’s giving massive tax benefits to the same companies shipping those jobs overseas. I won’t stand for it and neither should you.

Today, I’m releasing my plans to protect American jobs and by holding corporations accountable. Read about my plan here.

— Kirsten

Pittsburgh, PA

Thursday, July 11 — 12:10 pm ET

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our first stop in Pittsburgh — especially to the members of our roundtable on lowering prescription drug prices and protecting workers’ rights. Nothing is more important than taking the time to hear from the people you plan to represent, and our group had a lot to share.

Many of our panelists are employees of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. In addition to working here, many use UPMC as their primary source for health care services. One of our panelists, Nila Payton, recently used UPMC for the birth of her child, an ER visit, and an ER visit for her five year old. Now she’s thousands of dollars in debt to her employer. Nila’s livelihood and the livelihood of her child depends on her income, but the wages of UPMC employees are being garnished for outstanding medical debts. This is unacceptable. These workers deserve to be paid better wages, they deserve the option to unionize, and most importantly they deserve access to the health care they need without having to take on thousands of dollars of debt.

One of the most glaring crises in our health care system is the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs — and as we discussed today, pharmaceutical companies are twisting the screws on patients with price gouging. President Trump promised he’d hold those companies accountable and get costs down, and he’s failed to deliver.

Today, I released my plan to reduce prescription drug prices and stop predatory business practices in the drug industry. This plan, combined with Medicare for All, will help ensure people like Nila aren’t forced to choose between paying for the care they need and providing for their families.

Health care is a right, not a privilege. It’s time to make the health care industry uphold that truth.

— Kirsten

My plan to reduce prescription drug prices

Thursday, July 11–10:11 am ET

We’re arriving at our first stop in Pittsburgh, where I’m hosting a roundtable to hear from local health care workers facing skyrocketing drug prices — and they’re not alone. Families across the country are being forced to choose between paying for their medications and keeping food on the table because the costs are just too high. President Trump promised to lower drug prices — but since then, prices have increased five times faster than the rate of inflation! That’s unacceptable.

Today, I’m releasing my plan to reduce prescription drug prices and hold the pharmaceutical industry accountable for their business practices. While I meet with Pennsylvanians to hear directly from them about how this issue is affecting their day-to-day lives, read my plan to fix it.

— Kirsten

A quick message from Kirsten

Thursday, July 11 — 9:59 am ET

To learn more about Kirsten’s solutions to Trump’s broken promises, text PROMISES to 60980.

Official Tour Video

Thursday, July 11 — 9:05 am ET

Hey, folks! Emmy here. I’m with Kirsten on our way to the first stop of our tour, and we can’t wait to get started. In the meantime, I want to make sure you see our official Trump Broken Promises Tour video. Take two minutes to give it a watch and then share it with your friends. See you out there!

— Emmy, deputy communications director

Kicking off the Trump Broken Promises bus tour

Thursday, July 11 — 7:56 am ET

One after another, President Trump has broken the promises he made to the American people when he campaigned for their votes. His promise to bring down the cost of prescription drugs? Broken. His promise to prevent factories from closing and jobs from going overseas? Broken. His promise to never try to cut Social Security? Broken.

President Trump has failed the American people on the kitchen-table issues that have left families needing solutions. So today, I’m heading out on a bus tour of three states that he won, but that have been hit especially hard by his broken promises: Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. I’m going to talk with voters about the issues President Trump has left working families high and dry on, and share my plans to succeed where he failed.

Throughout my career and this campaign, I’ve committed to taking on the challenges others won’t. I don’t believe in “unsolvable” problems, and I’ll fight for working families no matter what powerful entities I have to go up against. If it means going toe-to-toe with President Trump in his own backyard, even better.

I’m really fired up about this tour, so follow our adventure here for live updates from the road. And if you see me (or our bus!) out there, be sure to come say hello!

— Kirsten


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