Kirsten takes the debate stage: The top five moments

When Kirsten’s voice is heard at the debates, women and families win

Team Gillibrand
Jul 1 · 3 min read

Last week, voters all across the country tuned in to watch Kirsten in her first presidential debate. And members of #TeamGillibrand had almost 100 supporter-hosted watch parties! We’re so excited that millions of Americans got to hear from Kirsten — and this is just the beginning.

Here were our top five takeaways from the first debate:

1. Kirsten proved she’s a fierce fighter for women — and she’s leading the field on reproductive rights.

Kirsten has led the fight for reproductive rights in the Democratic field. She was the first candidate to pledge to only nominate judges who will uphold Roe v. Wade as settled law. She became the first candidate to roll out a comprehensive reproductive rights agenda when she traveled to the frontlines of the fight in Georgia, and she pledged to codify Roe, repeal the Hyde Amendment, and guarantee access to abortion in every community across the country. Almost all of the other Democratic candidates have followed her lead.

Voters (and one Georgia State Legislator) were impressed by her determination to protect women’s human rights and defend access to safe, legal abortion.

2. Kirsten was the only candidate with a comprehensive plan to tackle corruption and get dark money out of politics — the only way we can pass the progressive ideas that Democrats support.

Experts agree that Kirsten has the most transformative Clean Elections Plan to combat political corruption in Washington.

Whether that means taking on the NRA…

or opioid manufacturers…

or oil and gas special interests.

And voters and progressive organizations loved it!

3. Kirsten put families front and center — like always — and shared her vision for a revolutionary Family Bill of Rights.

When asked what her first priority would be in the White House, Kirsten outlined the Family Bill of Rights: her economic agenda to lift the financial burden on families and level the playing field for kids. The Family Bill of Rights will help ensure every family and child can succeed — no matter who they are or where they live — and she’ll pass it in the first 100 days of her presidency.

4. Kirsten blasted this administration’s inhumane treatment of immigrant families, and showed she’ll keep fighting for comprehensive immigration reform as president.

Kirsten has been demanding accountability for the Trump administration’s outrageous abuse of immigrants for months, and she used her platform on the debate stage to call it out. And she made clear that what’s happening on this administration’s watch — whether it’s traumatizing kids or funneling border security funds into for-profit prisons — is morally unacceptable.

5. Kirsten proved she’s ready to take on Trump.

Kirsten has voted against the Trump agenda of anyone in the Senate or 2020 field, and she’s continued to stand up to him and his administration in this campaign. On the debate stage, she showed once again that she’s tough enough to go toe-to-toe Trump, and she will never compromise on her progressive values. She has a bold vision on health care, wages, reproductive rights, and green jobs, and knows how to break Washington gridlock in order to make it all happen.


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