Kirsten’s eighth visit to Iowa

Kirsten rolls out new plans, takes on Trump and wins over caucus-goers across Iowa

Team Gillibrand
Jul 17 · 4 min read

Senator Gillibrand wrapped her eighth visit to Iowa and a three-day swing through the Eastern part of the state, where she rolled out new plans and won over caucus-goers.

Gillibrand has now visited 27 counties in Iowa and held close to 50 public events throughout the state.

At yesterday’s AARP forum in Davenport, Senator Gillibrand highlighted her new “Aging with Dignity” plan to expand Social Security and Medicare, lower drug prices and enact paid family leave that includes care for aging loved ones. She also joined former Lt. Governor Patty Judge for a tour of Big River Resources ethanol plant in Dyersville and delivered remarks at Progress Iowa’s Corn Feed.

This trip, Gillibrand continued her commitment to showing up in the red and purple places by taking her Trump broken promises tour to Dubuque, Clinton and Maquoketa.

Here’s what caucus-goers and the press are saying:

10 Democratic candidates in NewBo agree on one thing: Get Trump

The Gazette

Gillibrand talked about her “Trump Broken Promises” bus tour and her plans for taking down big pharmaceutical companies and lowering drug prices and fixing the “gun epidemic.” She won cheers for saying she would stop Trump’s “all-out assault” on women’s reproductive rights.

“Just imagine what we could achieve with a working mom in the White House instead of a misogynist,” she said, adding that Trump’s “Achilles’ heel” would be a female opponent.

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Kirsten Gillibrand rolls out plan to protect and expand Social Security prior to Iowa forum

Linh Ta, Des Moines Register

Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand wants to expand Social Security and Medicare benefits and protect the programs that are in “danger of cuts” by Republican politicians.

In a blog post on Medium, Gillibrand laid out her “Aging with Dignity Plan” and criticized the Trump administration and Republicans for considering cuts to the programs in an effort to “pay off” the tax cuts to high-income Americans, she said in the blog post.

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Sen. Gillibrand makes pitch to Bettendorf senior voters

Quad City Times

The senator from New York promoted medicare for all and increasing social security benefits.

One man in the audience told Gillibrand he was worried about gun violence hurting his grandchildren.

The question came a few hours after Davenport police responded to a shooting that injured a 15-year-old boy.

“I will ban assault rifles and large magazines, I will have a universal background check so that only people who should have access have access, and I will make sure we have a federal anti-gun trafficking law to stop the gun trafficking into communities, directly into the hands of gang members and criminals,” Gillibrand said.

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“I love her. She knows all of the bills and acts that need to be put in place, and she knows the numbers and data to support her opinions. That’s what sets her ahead of the other candidates.”
Samantha Erickson, 18, Dubuque

“She speaks our language, she speaks to the disability community.”
Bill Stumpf, 62, Dubuque

“I’m proud that Kirsten is someone my daughter can relate to and look up to. It lets her see a future for the things that are important to her.”
Susan Fair, 49, Dubuque

“I really like Kirsten’s approach to getting big money out of politics and spreading the power to all of us. We need that kind of leadership in Washington.”
Isabel Petersen, 18, Dubuque

“When she talks about what she wants to see, she has a plan to back it up. She knows how she is going to achieve it and it is the direction I want to see things go in the future.”
Mary Ridgeway, 37, Dubuque

“The fact that she can take on anything is amazing. And it sounds like she can really do it.”
Tracie Bernauer, 39, Camanche

“I was really impressed by a lot of her answers. I felt like she is very intelligent. I really like that her goal is to unify the country again. I think our nominee needs to close the divide.”
Amber Bordolo, 34, Clinton

“I thought Kirsten was very impressive. She is so capable and has such great ideas.”
Marilyn Schroeder, 82, Bellevue

“I was so impressed with her. She wasn’t on my radar before, but I will be spreading the word around.”
Jacque Willits, 70, Camanche


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