Can you track a stolen car with GPS?

Abhimanyu Kucheria
Sep 6, 2018 · 3 min read

So, some random thief stole your car. Why It is really unfortunate, hands down. No one should ever go through all the trouble of finding a stolen car. It is tiresome, troubling, and a pretty hectic waste of time if the end result is not what you had in mind. Not to worry, my friend. Here are some tips which will guide you in recovering your car.

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First off, did your car have a GPS device attached? If yes, then your chances of seeing your car again are much more. If not, you might want to sit down, and hope. Okay, so moving on, I can understand your concern. It was the first car of your life, or probably one of the best cars you’ve ever had. And now that it’s gone, your heart is completely broken. So, let’s move on to the ways by which you can find your lost car:

  • File a “Stolen Car” report to the police.
  • Claim your car insurance.
  • Use GPS to track your car.
  • Use CCTV Cameras to find your car.
  • And a lot more ways.

However, in this article, we’ll be focusing on the GPS method of tracking your car.

If you’ve installed a GPS Tracking System in your car, the company of the tracker can help you locate your car, and might even lock your car, provided you give them your identification and the required documents. Investing in a GPS System can prove beneficial if such an unfortunate event arises.

You might be thinking, how can the GPS benefit me? How can it help me find my car? The answer is simple. GPS gives you an edge over people whose cars lack this system. The system tracks your car and gives you an exact location. Because of this feature, you can know your car’s location within minutes of your car getting stolen. Your smartphone can really be a boon in such cases. Also, if the GPS System of your car is hidden, the thief may not even come to terms with the fact that you already know he has your car. You can then work with the police by sharing your car and the GPS information and track down the offender quickly.

Now, you need to read further and get a hold of the steps you would need to follow to see your car again.

  • Type of the GPS System.

The type of the system you have installed in your car highly affects the chances and the speed of your car’s recovery. A passive GPS system records the location of the device but doesn’t transmit it to the server. This may not be of help to the police or the GPS company, as they won’t have any information about your vehicle’s current position. However, an active GPS system constantly transmits your car’s location to the company’s server in real-time. This may help you in tracking down your car easily.

  • Report your stolen vehicle to the police.

Even though your car doesn’t have a GPS system, you must report to the police if your car has been stolen. This is important because the police can help you find your car quickly. Also, if you go and track your car alone, be prepared to face a few bullets as you might probably meet a mobster, and that might not go well. That’s why it’s better to take the police’s assistance.

While filing a police complaint, be ready with all your car details, the registration number, VIN number, insurance number, and all the other required data.

  • Claim your insurance.

After filing a police complaint, if you are unsure about you getting your car back, you can always claim your insurance to recover the cost of the lost items. While claiming your insurance, tell your provider that you have already filed a police report.

Now, let’s say you’ve done everything and given your best shot at getting back your car. There’s nothing much you can do now. All you can do is, sit back and hope. Usually, stolen vehicles get recovered within a day or two, sometimes weeks, and sometimes they are never to be seen again. But at least you tried everything you could to find your car, so there’s that.

I hope you get to meet your car soon.

Link: Transport Tracker

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