Team Medium

The people behind the product.

Tess Rinearson Wants To Do It All

Engineer at Medium, taking a step back to move forward

Tess Rinearson, an engineer at Medium, got an early start in the tech…

Evan Solomon Can Fake Anything

Data Scientist at Medium, not a fan of Big Data

Evan Solomon, a data scientist at Medium, learned to fake it young. “In fifth…

Julie Russell Stays In Balance

Head of IT, an optimistic realist who tells you to breathe

Julie Russell, Head of IT at Medium, can answer that nagging…

Andrew Liu Doesn’t Play It Safe

Engineer at Medium, a pre-med major who went looking for something unpredictable

Winnie Lim Aims for Authenticity

Designer at Medium, an emo advocate for writers everywhere

Winnie Lim, a designer at Medium, is pretty comfortable baring her

Jamie Talbot Wouldn’t Say He’s a Planner

Engineer at Medium, a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kind of guy who detests clichés

Xiao Ma Learns By Distraction

Engineer at Medium, a pure systems specialist with a passion for preserving knowledge

Brad Birdsall Is Black Fire

Product Designer at Medium, a big ham who likes to get his hands dirty

Tina Chen Solves By Design

Product Designer at Medium, an artsy problem-solver who stays centered on what users need

Vinny Baggio Measures High Fives

Tools Engineer at Medium, a language aficionado who doesn’t believe in TL;DR

Nick Fisher Is Probably in the Woods 

Social Media and Community Support at Medium, an aspiring falconer and the man behind the Twitter feed

Grant Oladipo Loves the Little Things

Engineer at Medium, a tip-top nerd who thinks with Rubik’s Cubes 

Naureen Manekia Advocates for Humans

Human Resources at Medium, softball superstar and a fan of happy hour at Chili’s  

Edward Lichty Knows Business Health

Medium’s Corporate Development and Strategy Lead, working to improve our collective media diet

Satya Boora Is Crazy About Startups

Engineer at Medium, a social network expert with a penchant for startups and skydiving

Evan Hansen Believes in Transparency

Senior Editor at Medium, a lapsed actor with a flair for innovation in publishing

Pete Davies Asks the Right Questions

Product Scientist at Medium and a real choirboy

Pete Davies, product scientist at Medium, likes to say that he’s a…

Nick Santos Brings Paper to Life

Engineer at Medium, textual algebra expert and Jacobian jokester

Daryl Koopersmith Codes to the Beat

Engineer at Medium, a craftsman of playlists and inspiration

Daryl Koopersmith, an engineer at Medium, is a mixtape kind…

Misty Xicum Sets the Tone

Office Manager at Medium, a big-time people person with a small-town ethos

Team Medium
Team Medium

The people behind the product.

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