Introducing Oceans 2.0 “Whale Shark”.

Today, we ship the biggest update to Oceans yet: the all-new Oceans 2.0 “Whale Shark”. With a brand new design, diver profiles and logging tools for citizen science, we are making Oceans the most complete digital tool and community for scuba divers worldwide.

Oceans, the deep social network for oceans explorers and scuba divers.

An all-new look

The redesigned timeline highlights stunning check-ins and photos from all around the world. And when a buddy tags you in a dive, you can add it to your own logbook with a tap. Multiple dives the same day are now stacked together for a better overview and a cleaner look.

Smarter check-ins

The check-in tool suggest nearby and recent dive sites for even faster logging and Oceans tagging feature has been extended with environmental reports for citizen science projects. Drag and sort dive photos to select a cover photo and let your dive shine.

Diver profiles

Your logbook now includes a profile tab. Add a photo and a bio to tell something about yourself and your adventures. The profile tab also features a world view with a heat map of all dive sites you have checked-in. Make it glow!

Enter Citizen Science

With Oceans 2.0, we’re also introducing features to log environmental reports and observations, building a platform for citizen science and allowing our global user base to act as a crowd sourced team of field workers. Together, we are collecting vast amounts of oceanic data — and enabling Oceans to create visual projections on the health and state of marine habitats, starting in 2018.

And a whole lot more…

We can’t wait to see your logs in the new Oceans!

Team Oceans

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About Oceans

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