Introducing the Oceans S1 Supersonic

Today, Oceans is unleashing a next gen dive computer, adding a new dimension to scuba diving: buddy communication.

Jimmy Reuterwall
Team Oceans
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3 min readFeb 10, 2019


For scuba divers, communication under the surface is a challenge. Hand signals work well, but they’re hampered by one obvious caveat: the signals rely on divers looking at each other.

Over the past year, Oceans’ team of engineers and product designers have been working to create a next gen dive computer with an all-wireless design that syncs via Bluetooth to the Oceans app, features a 3D digital compass, silent haptic feedback and a hi-res color display.

Underwater buddy communications

And, as a first for a wrist-worn dive computer — using soundless ultrasonic waves — the device called “Oceans S1 Supersonic” allow you to summon your buddies, dive master or instructor with just a tap of a button. When activated, the S1 sends a ping message to each paired dive computer, and shows a notification on the display with the name of the diver looking for attention.

It’s a game changer. Have a look at this video and hear aquanaut and Oceans ambassador Fabien Cousteau introduce the Oceans S1 Supersonic:

Fabien Cousteau introduces the Oceans S1 Supersonic.

We’ve been testing the Oceans S1 Supersonic extensively during fall and winter in the ice cold Stockholm archipelago, Sweden, and it’s ping feature is truly addictive!

Join us on Kickstarter

The biggest obstacles and challenges in developing the S1 have been cleared and we are ready to go into final design and production. Join us on Kickstarter and get your Oceans S1 Supersonic this summer at up to 40% off retail price with our limited early bird offers starting at ~€289 (SEK 2,999).

Head over to Kickstarter for the full spec and join us in this adventure.

Thanks for your support in making the “Oceans S1 Supersonic” a reality! 🙏

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