Install the Pratilipi Progressive Web App(PWA) natively on macOS

Libin V Babu
Aug 8, 2019 · 2 min read

Chrome 73 (released on March 12, 2019) added the support for installing Progressive Web Apps(PWA) on your macOS. But on desktop, there’s no indication to a user that the PWA is available for a website or not. The install button is hidden inside the three-dot menu.

In Chrome 76 (released on July 30, 2019), an install button (+ icon) is added to the address bar if the PWA is available. By clicking this icon, the Install prompt will open.

Install PWA on macOS through Google Chrome 76

Why should you use a PWA?

Desktop progressive web apps can be ‘installed’ on the user’s device much like native apps. They’re fast. Feel integrated because they launched in the same way as other apps, and run in an app window, without an address bar or tabs. They’re reliable because service workers can cache all of the assets they need to run. And they create an engaging experience for users.

Does Pratilipi provide a PWA?

The good news is, Pratilipi meets all the Progressive Web App installability criteria and Google Chrome will show an install button in the Omnibox indicating to the user that the PWA can be installed. You can go to any of the available 10 languages from and click the install icon to use the native Pratilipi App on macOS. Check the below video.

How to install Pratilipi English PWA on your macOS through Google Chrome

How to access Pratilipi App

Once installed, the Pratilipi App will be accessible through spotlight search, launchpad, etc just like any other native apps. Because it is a Chrome App, it can be accessed through chrome://apps/ as well. It also has its icon in the system dock as well as below.

Pratilipi Icon on the system dock

How to uninstall a PWA

To uninstall a PWA, just open the App and click on the three-dot menu from the top right. Then click the Uninstall option. That’s it.

Uninstall PWA

Note: Pratilipi PWA is also available on Windows Desktop, Linux, Android and iOS as well through Google chrome. If you have an Android Phone, try our as well.

For more information regarding PWA, please refer to

Team Pratilipi

Lessons learned in building Indian first product

Team Pratilipi

Lessons learned in building Indian first product

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Lessons learned in building Indian first product