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We‘ve joined Zillow!

Retsly has been acquired by Zillow

Less than a year ago, Retsly was created because we wanted to explore technology innovation in real estate.

We worked with some of the smartest and most forward thinking multiple listing services, brokerages and agents. They all believed that if Retsly succeeded, it would lead to better and more efficient real estate tools.

Today, we are proud to announce that Retsly has been acquired by Zillow.

Together, we can accomplish Retsly’s mission of creating a safe and transparent real estate data platform faster than we ever imagined.

Zillow impressed us by making a commitment to help us achieve our mission. So, what’s changed? Just our business cards.

Retsly will continue to be a group of energetic developers dedicated to making the most intuitive and useful APIs, SDKs, components and reporting platforms for the real estate industry.

We feel very strongly about our values and believe this partnership will only strengthen those core principles.

Finally, we want to thank everyone who has supported Retsly and its vision.

From the beginning, we’ve believed we could empower the real estate community. We are excited that as part of Zillow, we will see that dream become a reality.

Joshua, Kyle & The Retsly Team



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