#1 These weeks in Team Sankalpa

Our team started with me(@dineshdb:matrix.org) and Ashutosh(@atosh502:matrix.org). Later Devi(@devibhattarai:matrix.org) was also added. Team Sankalpa community page was also formed in first days. Then was added Krishna(@kriss2758:matrix.org) and then Simon(@heaven_hell50:matrix.org). Yogesh(@ygsh_spcry05:matrix.org) came in last.

These weeks, we kept exploring avr, matlab, competitive programming, calc(a calculator app). In these we gained some insights and the team is gaining some traction with release of Project Guidelines for Instrumentation II.

In the first week, there was some excitement about Open Data Hackathon and we(Aashutosh, Simon and I) decided to go with spending data. But only my application was accepted. I attended the hackathon.

Also I proposed two RFCs viz Digitization of our study notes and Develop a web based interface to ncalc+ and nasc, of which second got traction.

In calculator, we started off with nasc and ncalc+ and then we realized nasc was just a front-end to libqalculate. Then we pivoted towards it. Now we are working on it.

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