Our Mission and Purpose

It’s important to know what your mission in life is. The Uteeni team has been through thick and thin and we have come to a place where we now have a common vision and a clear direction. We want to make it clear to the world what we are going to accomplish.

We believe there is a big gap in the market for a product that will allow consumers to easily find what their hearts desire. Especially in the SEA region. Everyone we’ve talked to has told us that it’s difficult to find things in Bangkok. We agree so we’re going to make it better. Our mission is to create a product that is simple and fun for anyone to use.

Looking for a cafe?

As a user of our product, you will be able to type in anything you want or need, and our application will show you where you can find it. Whether your looking for a tennis court, hair salon, pair of jeans, place to get a hair cut, where you can find fashionable clothing for pregnant women, you tell us what you need and we’ll tell you where you can find it. Simple.

If you’re a business, we are going to make it easy for people to find you. We want to level the playing field. We want to give the small guys with great ideas and great products a chance to be discovered by our users.

Simple isn’t so easy to do. When we started out to do this we looked at several options for acquiring all the data to make this possible, the fact of the matter is no one, not even Google or Facebook, has accurate and reliable data for business and points of interest in Bangkok. We’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to collect our own data.

Many services focus on restaurants, bars, or entertainment places, but we are on a mission to connect every type and size of business. We’ll have all the fun and delicious spots, but also the necessities. Accurate location contact info for whatever you’re looking for — that’s the real goal.

Data Collection

It seemed very daunting at first when we came to the realisation that we needed to collect our own data to achieve our goals. All those businesses out there… how are we ever going to collect all that data?!

We knew it was important, so we spent hours thinking about it. Like every other problem there is a solution and we believe we’ve found something amazing to solve that very problem.

We’ve now started this process, and not too long from now we expect to have something every exciting to show.

Our App

We believe getting our product out to market, even if it’s not perfect, is going to be key for us to build the best product possible. We’ve released our app in the Apple App Store, which means you can check it out right now!

For those using Android devices: hold on just a little longer. We have something in the works and we know how important you are.

We are committed to building the best tool. We also realise what we need to do to improve our platform.

Our promise: we are going to do our best to collect quality data and make it as simple as possible for you to find what you need.

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