Which one is better, teamwork or working independently?

Langqin Zhang
Team Working
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2 min readMar 3, 2018


In the business world, people have two ways to organize their working style: working independently and teamwork. Someone prefers individual work because they could have private spaces to think and work, but others prefer teamwork because they can express their own opinions and complete the project successfully. I think teamwork is better.

Teamwork is very important in our work. It is quite often that one is not able to carry out a job by itself. He needs more people to complete it together. We can say some important jobs could not be done without teamwork. For example, in a football match, vary member plays a different role, which is important. All members must cooperate with each other to fight against the opponent team. They can only win the match when they do good teamwork, or they will be defeated.China has an old saying, “Unity is the strength,” which means the importance of teamwork.

Advantages of Teamwork

· Better results: a good teamwork can lead to better business results, as team members can bring more resources to be faced with problems and have more supervision to reduce the risk of personal contribution. For example, in a medical team, teamwork is associated with patient safety.

· Efficiency: when a team is able to work together well, a team can gain more ideas and outcomes than a person can. This will helps companies save more money and be more efficient in each project.

· Better idea: a good team is made up of different members. When these members utilize their different skills to the problem, they can think out a more effective solution than who solves the same problem on his or her own.

· Mutual support: when a team works together well, it provides the opportunity for members to support each other. Mutual support can encourage people to achieve goals that they may not be able to achieve.

· A sense of accomplishment: when a team member is working toward a specific goal, there is usually a greater sense of accomplishment, rather than the feeling of the employee at work (Rawat, 2014).

Therefore, a good teamwork can bring more benefits to the company and if the company works as a team, it will become more united and efficient.

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