Initial prototype flawed

Sprint 2

We have decided to blog about our startup journey and publicly share our decision making process while building TeamAllegro.

After 2 weeks of interviewing users — we have decided that our original solution is flawed. Laying out the thinking below.

The original solution is a Mac/PC/Web app that sits on the menu bar of a laptop. Stakeholders can quickly see any updates of a project, and product/project owners can update project status quickly with the right level of detail. It has a Slack-like interface where projects are listed on the left with a content displayed on the right. Something like this:

The problems with this solution:

  1. Mac/PC app is not the right MVP
    Stakeholders, by definition, are not close to the project. They only see the updates once in a while and they have other priorities on their plate. Mac/PC app works for collaboration tools as customer value of seeing it all the time trumps the friction to download it.
  2. Value to product/project owners unclear — need feedback mechanism
    TeamAllegro adds value to stakeholders by providing light-weight, pulse like update on agile projects they care about and access demo anytime. For project/product owners, they still have to curate content like in the old days of making decks/reports. It’s merely a ‘one way thing’ that they do grudgingly for stakeholders — all these reporting is a pain because they don’t know if these reports were read. We need feedback mechanisms f0r product/project owners to get feedback quickly, cheaply and more often too (value).
  3. Glance-ability and standardisation across projects is key
    The original idea is the project space can be light-weight too. A simple small screen (Slack-like) with couple of lines of descriptions and couple of images is enough for the story telling. During the user interviews, it’s clear standardisation ensures same level of detail and ‘glance-ability’ across projects. Templates and ‘traffic light’ indicators are useful . In enterprises, such reporting templates were often optimised many times to perfection for consumption by stakeholders — this is an insight we didn’t have before.

In the next sprint, we’ll incorporate the insights and come up with an improved prototype and test again. Sketch3 is my friend :-)

At TeamAllegro we are building the JIRA of agile stakeholder engagement. We are still at early stage, come follow our development!