Have You Ever Thought About Being a Manager?

Are you thinking about becoming a manager for your business or hiring a manager for your company? Everyone thinks that being a manager is easy, but when they accept responsibility they will face a lot of challenges. For tackling the challenges, each manager needs to know the essential traits they need to have before they accept the responsibility.

In this article, we’ll explore styles of effective management and future managers from our research at TeamCalendar to show important tips for the characteristics of successful managers. After reading this, you will be able to easily adjust yourself for the position and increase your performance for a management position.

Being a manager is a role that we believe everyone needs to experience at least once in their life, in which age and personality should not matter. There is a lot of potential and influence in this role, in which each person can affect their own life, others’ lives, and make business life meaningful through his or her responsibility.

Four classifications will help you get noticed and start developing into a manager.


Introverts & Extroverts:

You need to understand your personality very well. It doesn’t matter which type you are. You need to keep your personality balanced. If you are an Introvert, you need to work on some extroverted personality characteristics that you will use in your position and of course, do the opposite if you are an Extrovert. For example, if you are not good at speech, then you will need to work on it.

Organized & Unorganized:

Some people are organized oriented and some are not well organized. As a manager, whatever system you follow you need to expect that some people in your group may not care or even care more than normal. As a manager, you need to give space for everyone, including yourself to take advantage of everyone’s skills to run your business more productively.

Coaching & Lack of coaching:

Each manager needs to coach his or her team. Managers should collaborate with their members and lead them to use their talents in a way that suits the business needs. In this case, members can improve their skills and abilities in line with business goals.

Technical Capacity:

Talents and skills a manager need will depend on the industry he or she is working in; they need to know the technical capacity. It is very important for managers to involve themselves in different aspects of the business because it gives the other members the feeling that they are working for a professional person who has enough knowledge for the job.


His or her social personality is an important factor. Managers must show their real personalities in society. People care about personality characteristics, and that they will consider a manager based on how they are trying to be a part of a group. Some platforms like social media, make it easy to realize what personality characteristics managers have. For example, they might be parents and spend their spare time reading scientific books or do sports or art.

What society expects from his personality:

Whether it be in a small or big society, it will still consider the manager’s personality. They want them to be serious but at the same time able to be flexible. People also want to see a good work culture to help members with career development. Being a manager can lead the person rapidly into being a role model for younger employees. When you are trying to attain this position, or even if your company offers you this position, you will need to understand that your responsibility is very crucial for younger employees. This is because you will need to inspire them to do the same for at least during that term of time. So any action from you, including making mistakes, creating plans and strategies, your behavior and interaction with others during your mission will be under a microscope.

Emotional Skills

Emotionally Realistic:

A manager needs to be realistic. Emotional intelligence plays a big role in how you react both internally and externally to situations and affects how you handle interpersonal relationships. Being realistic with your emotions will improve the Performance (individual, team, organization) Relationship, Happiness, and Earnings.

Being Stubborn:

Stubborn managers need to change their mindset and become more flexible and resilient. This personality will bring down the team’s performance. Managers need to have assistance and consult with them for crucial issues. They need to consult with someone to analyze the details for running the business with greater energy and efficiency.

Lack of Empathy:

It’s a narcissistic behavioral pattern that doesn’t allow them to see past their own biases and beliefs. Managers that lack empathy will not only discourage the people around them but make life a living hell for an employee who only wants to keep advancing and producing.

Relationship Management

Saying relationships are the heart of business success and prioritizing relationships are two different things. Relationships with your team members and relationships with your clients are separate types of relationships.

Relationship with team members:

● Trust your youngest and oldest teammates and stand by one another when issues or mistakes arise.

● Be able to accept all skills and try to train them toward the business goals.

● Build the culture of listing and accept constructive criticism.

Relationship with clients:

● Identify the clients’ goals regarding the business and create action plans.

● Maintain a regular follow-up with your clients regarding the product.

● Launch different events during the year.

● Listen & observe your client’s pains and challenges rather than pushing a product.

In conclusion, becoming a manager is a crucial position for a team. A manager needs to enhance their knowledge of psychology and sociology, as well as increase their technical expertise and interpersonal communication skills. Being realistic about these skills and making an effort to develop them will make for a successful team that is in line with the company’s goals.

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