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Diego Alvarado
Jul 12 · 2 min read
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While working as mentor for an accelerator, we found a challenge to structure the work done between entrepreneurs, mentors and staff members.

The idea was to make this work centralized to a structured process which can be use integrating metrics to evaluate fast and easy the progress of the startups, quality of mentors and program data.

What we found is that there is no such tool available in the market at that time, so then what good idea to build one. Here is when Team Coaches was born.

What do we solve?

We focus our solution on our customer expectations which are:

  • Centralized data storage
  • Mentor Matchmaking
  • Scoring
  • Progress Reports

How do we solve them?

All company problems start with data. Data is available everywhere however you need three things to make it consistent and useful: acquire, process, and display.

NOTE: We simplify the Data Management administrative process that includes acquiring, validating, storing, protecting and processing.

Our users get what they need:

  • Entrepreneur are engage with tools they need to control, track and analyze their metrics and learn about entrepreneurship at the same time.
  • Mentor needs to manage their time efficiently, so that we focus in low friction user experience, with simple notes to keep track of what was discussed.
  • Accelerator staff plans and manages entrepreneur and mentor using tools and reports that help them to get organized in one place.

Why Team Coaches will you ask?

The name comes from the idea that every team needs a coach to who will guide every step of the way.

The startup team needs from the program team to guide them in this difficult path that is entrepreneurship.

Team Coaches works for you

If you like our product you can book a demo and we can talk about how we can fit in your programs.


Simplify Operations for your innovation programs

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