Startups — How can we help you?

Diego Alvarado
Oct 9 · 3 min read

Building an startup is always difficult, and that is why Team Coaches was born.

Even though our focus customer are innovation programs, This post is meant for startups to understand how they can use our tools and gain confidence with our approach.

I am an startup founder. Why do I care to use this platform?

As a startup founder you need many skills but one of the most important skills is to be organized.

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Here is where we can help you. I am pretty sure that you have tried Asana, Monday, ClickUp or some other similar tools for tasks and project management.

Well here we are offering you similar tools to run your business.

We have but not limited to:

  • Tasks Management
  • Meeting scheduler — one place for all users
  • Company OKRs
  • Company Metrics

Our difference for startup founders is that you don’t only have one tool for each thing that you need but an all-in-one to start and build your company.

Do you have extras?

Of course, we are working on multiple solution to offer you to engage more and more with founders and get the information that you need in one place.

Some of the extras that we are working on are:

  • Mentoring — Add a pool of mentors that you can consult if you are looking for additional help.
  • Coach — Productivity is difficult so that we offer productivity coaching so you get the most from us.
  • Education courses focusing on building your startups.

What else are we working on?

Our roadmap includes but not limited to multiple features that will help you to get your word out.

Some of these features are:

  • Public profile for your startup
  • Investor reports
  • Internal reports
  • Here is where your requests goes. Please send us your request to and we will get back to you to work on your request.

How secure are you?

I know, we are new, and you are scare that something will happen with your data.

Think again, we are GDPR, CalOPPA, and CPPA compliant and we implement these rules for everyone, not only where these rules are enforced.

Can I use the tools after I leave the innovation program?

Of course, while in the programs, there is some information that is directly share to the program managers so they can help you to run your startup better.

However when you leave the program you can continue on running your startup attached to the program community or if they don’t have one, you can move to Team Coaches Community where you can find the Extras available for you.

Team Coaches works for you

At Team Coaches we are building a innovation platform that integrates collaboration, operation, community and portfolio management all-in-one for innovation programs such as accelerators, incubators, VCs and enterprises.

If you like our product you can book a demo and we can talk about how we can fit in your programs.

If you are an startup you can share your information by email at and we will get you in our Community.


Simplify Operations for your innovation programs

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