Week 1 & 2

Setting up our team for success

Our team is really excited with the start our project in collaboration with the Museu de Electricidade which is owned by Empresa de Eletricidade da Madeira (EEM). Team Current has focused on setting up our team to work effectively throughout this yearlong project.

Team Dynamics

We were able to discuss individual interests and effectively work out team roles into Program Manager, Research Lead and a three-person creative team including Creative Lead, Technical Lead, and Creative Content Lead. Additionally, to follow many industry leaders, we decided to incorporate agile methodology into our project management. There are three aspects of agile that we have currently focused on:

  • Five minute standups every meeting to keep the whole team up to date on other team member’s work
  • Using a planning board to keep our work on track
  • Retrospective meetings to reflect on our team dynamics and work in an effective manner

Kickoff Meeting

Our team met with the Director of Service & Planning, the Director of the Museum and the lead Tour Guide to open the discussion about our project plans.

The start of our kickoff meeting was comprised of introductions with the client and a formal tour of the museum. The clients were able to give us even more context into the museum’s and energy’s current role in the community through videos ranging from modern day to when people were working to bring electricity around the island. Then we got down to the details of our project.

After sitting down and talking with our clients, we know that they want an interactive project that will help educate and attract the attention of the local Madeiran community ranging from students to families to senior citizens. On top of that, because they want the exhibit to be interactive, this means a lot of people will be engaging with the exhibit which requires a durable and resilient artifact.

Research Plan

To get a head start on our project, we started outlining our research plan led by our Research Lead, Christyne. We discussed our purposes of research which fed into more specific research questions. Then we talked about our plans for participant recruitment and some details about each research method we planned to use. Based on this information, we split up our literature review topics across the team.

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