Why aren’t more designers promoting design thinking?

Management consultants, techies and board directors are all championing the value of design. How it can help develop a better service, transform or innovate an offer, create more engaging communications and deliver delightful experiences.

Business leaders have traditionally relied on data driven analytics or cost cutting efficiencies to guide decisions. Design thinking offers something different, it’s able to solve ambiguous, complex human problems. Getting closer to consumers needs and motivations. Understanding why they want something? What does it mean to them? How does it fit with their lifestyle? How will they feel about it in the future?

Many designers are quietly working on projects expecting the creative to speak for itself. Some are focused on results and effectiveness but those that I admire are involving others in the process, trying to understand people better and getting behind an ambition. They might not see it in themselves but they’re helping others to think like a designer. To innovate, take creative leaps, join things up, solve problems and connect like minded people.

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