TeamIndus #MissionLog: November

An inside view of engineering and outreach progress of our Moon mission

Nov 8, 2017 · 3 min read

As we count down to the day that will forever re-define what is thought possible out of India and raise the bar on what Indian startups can deliver on the global stage, we continue to make our mission accessible and open by giving folks a means of following our progress.

The recent GLXP visit marked a major event for us. Six judges from the GLXP judging panel spent a week with our engineering team in Bangalore reviewing mission preparedness.

Calling out some of the defining quotes here:

They’ve created this very vibrant, dynamic, and professional organization that really has a chance of doing something crazy. They (TeamIndus) are within striking distance. -John Zarnecki, Judges Panel, Director at the International Space Science Institute in Bern, Switzerland

We took a detailed look at the mission plan and the methodologies being employed to gauge the progress of the lunar mission. We have come away from this rigorous exercise impressed by the readiness of TeamIndus. They are clearly on the right trajectory to make history. - Alan Wells, Chairman Judges panel

The work done by Team Indus is a testament to how that objective is being achieved by a small team with a big heart. From being the last team to sign up for the competition to being a serious contender, Team Indus has come really a long way in this competition. -Chanda Gonzales, Director Google Lunar XPRIZE

With our team continuing to work hard to make this mission a success, here is our mission update for November. @AiDeeAi has been assigned for Mission updates, @93Vaish for Rover, @GuptaHarshita90 for Spacecraft and @TeamIndusOrg for outreach.

Spacecraft updates
Mission updates
Rover updates
Outreach updates

To the Moon… 🚀

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Privately funded mission to land on the Moon in 2020