TeamIndus #MissionLog: September

An inside view of engineering and outreach progress of our Moon mission

As mentioned by TeamIndus Fleet Commander Rahul Narayan in his blog here , we have decided to release our mission updates on the first Friday of every month.

ICYMI, we released our Mission Log for August which included major updates from our moon mission and outreach efforts. Do give it a read.

Here is our mission update for September. @AiDeeAi has been assigned for Mission updates, @93Vaish for Rover, @GuptaHarshita90 for Spacecraft and @TeamIndusOrg for outreach.

We are gearing up for a visit by the GLXP judges and chalking out the outlines for the October review
Spacecraft Updates
Mission Updates
Rover Updates
Outreach updates

We believe an entire generation is a stakeholder in our journey and, potentially, the biggest beneficiary of the success of our Mission. That’s why we want to keep everyone informed about the mission and its progress.

Do let us know what do you think about this initiative in the comments below. #HarIndianKaMoonshot

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