We dropped our Spacecraft

No really, we’re not kidding.

Aug 1, 2017 · 3 min read

Why the drop test?

A smooth and stable touchdown of a spacecraft moving with vertical and horizontal velocities on the lunar terrain is a must for a successful mission. To achieve this, landing gear with specially designed impact-energy absorbent (crushable aluminium honeycomb) is incorporated in the spacecraft.

The drop test setup

On 7th July 2017, we conducted the qualification test of our landing gear design with a full-scale drop test at our facility.

Our drop test setup.

The Results

And we go live with the drop test.

The countdown and final drop saw a safe and steady impact of the spacecraft on the terrain.
Results summary:1. Crush of honeycomb in landing gear = ~40 mm
2. Compaction/sinkage of the simulated lunar terrain = ~15–20 mm
3. Peak instantaneous acceleration at base of landing gear = ~17 g
Release and impact of drop test unit.

What’s next…

“Completion of a few more tests and a closer study of results will help us fine-tune the landing gear hardware and assemble it on the spacecraft qualification model for conducting the full set of qualification tests to get ready for launch,” says structures lead Dr P.S. Nair.

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