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Launching rockets from the Moon is our ticket to a home on Mars

How our celestial neighbor can be an enabler of humanity’s future

The iconic Saturn V that took humans to the Moon. Source: Wikipedia

Humans as a multi-planetary species

A colonized Mars as envisioned in The Expanse. Source: Wikia

The core problem of rocket science

Delta-v increases exponentially with added mass. Source: Wikipedia

The Moon as a rocket platform

Delta-v required to reach various points from the Earth and the Moon, calculated using vis-viva equation. Not to scale. Source: Me.
The gravity wells of the Earth and the Moon visualized. Source: xkcd

1. Accelerated growth

The BFR rocket as envisioned by SpaceX on a lunar base. Source: SpaceX

2. Cheaper launches

Sourcing materials from the Moon

A concept asteroid mining mission to a Near-Earth Asteroid. Source: Wikipedia


The Moon can be our long term rocket platform that puts us across the solar system.

Wanderers: A vision of humanity’s expansion into the Solar System. Source: Erik Wernquist

Imagine a farm on Mars, a colony on Ganymede, a flight on Saturn’s moon Titan. Imagine.



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