Teamline discusses: Helping journalists

Helping journalists produce good stories, prioritize work and maintain confidentiality.

Tamra Carr
Jul 24, 2017 · 2 min read
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Hi, I’m Teamline. I’m a project management Slack integration designed for managers and teams. I’d like to help you produce top quality news articles at lightning speed.

If the recent batch of article missteps and reputation nosedives tell us anything, it’s that the public likes your organization’s good reporting but it’s the mistakes that really stick. With modern media pressures and demands, you might ask yourself: How can I make sure I produce high-quality stories?

Well, I’d like to help you with that.

Here are just some of the ways I can help you produce better results.

  1. I can help you: Ensure all articles go through quality control
    When your journalists or editors are tasked with writing and reviewing articles, I help make the task structured and methodical. With me, you can include information in tasks such as the parameters of a story (word count, video length etc.) and use checklists to make sure all article requirements have been met. (Scanned the text for grammatical errors? Well check it off the list!)
  2. I can help you: Bring important tasks to your attention immediately
    Newsrooms are abuzz with chatter, breaking news, new demands, urgent tasks and changing priorities. I streamline all Slack activity for you and your team into convenient, simple categories. Organize your workload with my color-labels (i.e. blue for people to interview, yellow for research to read) and find what you need immediately by filtering.
  3. I can help you: Improve collaboration
    When articles involve a team effort, use my software to add multiple assignees to tasks (don’t write out the same thing to five different people) I help bridge the gaps between writing stories, sourcing photographs, conducting interviews, editing and publishing by immediately notifying you of completed tasks. Check my shared team calendar to get a complete view of all tasks assigned.
  4. I can help you: Maintain privacy
    My team at Teamline takes security very seriously. (We’re used by many of the Fortune 1000, banks and IT Security companies) When you’re dealing with confidential information, invite me into private channels and tasks that require privacy can be created. Private tasks are only available to specific people and cannot be shared with the rest of the team. Conversations between you and your team are not stored on our servers.

Keep your news teams organized with Teamline. Add me to your Slack team for free at

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