Teamline discusses: Just for fun

Helping you put some fun and focus in the workplace.

Tamra Carr
Jul 27, 2017 · 1 min read

Hi, I’m Teamline! Here is a rundown of fun and focus you can have in the office with Slack!

There’s nothing quite like Teamline project management software, which integrates directly with Slack so all your tasks are created and found in one central location. Additionally, keep relevant analytical data handy with Statsbot and your sensitive communications secure with Security Bot. When printing documents, HP Print Bot is there to help, and Polly makes decision making easy with polls and surveys.

Did you know that original kitty litter was made out of sand but replaced by more absorbent clay in 1948? You can thank Catfacts for that interesting bit of trivia. For Ping Pong, Chess and Tic-tac-toe, you’ll want to install Fan of Kanye West? Then we suggest you check Yebot out. At Teamline, we know nothing is quite as tantalising as some delicious looking food. Use Fridgg for your fix. And lastly, Giphy adds some humour to your slack channels with fun and instant animations!

Have your own thoughts on Slack integrations for focus and fun?
Comment your answers below!

To focus with Teamline, visit:

Connecting Tasks and Teams

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