Calendar syncs: Information on the go, wherever you are

Tamra Carr
Jul 10, 2017 · 2 min read
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The Calendar Sync gives you a complete spread of all your tasks so you can access what you need when you’re not using Slack.

Assign and track tasks, get a morning report of due and overdue tasks and set, get and send reminders to yourself and your team all within Slack.

But Teamline’s helping hand doesn’t just stop at the office, use our calendar sync to have the information you need when you’re away from your desk.

Teamline connects with all the popular platforms: Use our friendly robot with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook,, iPhone and Android mobile devices.

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Teamline synchronises all incomplete tasks with a set due date to your external calendar.

Export all your tasks, your team’s tasks or an entire channel’s tasks to your calendar of choice so you remain up to date on your daily schedule and the progress of your team.

We think the best thing about the Teamline and Slack pairing is that you have everything you need to manage projects all in one place, but we don’t mind branching out for your convenience.

When you plug Teamline into your other productivity tools, you bring all your teams important decisions, tasks and events together, making project management just a little bit easier.

For more information on how to export Teamline tasks to a Calendar, visit:

Connecting Tasks and Teams

The official Teamline blog

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