The Future of Search: How Measuring Satisfaction Will Enhance Our Personal AIs and Our Lives

Heidi Young, Ozlo’s VP of Engineering, spoke this week at Seattle Interactive 2016 about the future of search. Heidi has lived and breathed search for more than 10 years, and shared her expertise and forward thinking about how measuring satisfaction in search will enhance our personal AIs and our lives.

The two-day event covered an assortment of topics from crafting a marketing story, marketing automation, podcasting, partnership strategy, analytics, augmented reality, and featured other notable speakers from companies including Facebook, BuzzFeed, Microsoft, Starbucks, AOL, Wired, The Huffington Post, Adobe, T-Mobile, Spotify, and GeekWire.

In Heidi’s presentation, she stated that the future of search lies in the ability of conversational UI to make human-to-computer interactions correct, relevant and useful. The success of AI-driven assistants — and their ability to enhance our lives — depends on a specific satisfaction metric. satisfaction metric is the key to moving search ahead, making personal AI assistants essential sidekicks in everyday life. The more our personal AIs “get” us, the more we want to talk with them.

By breaking down human-to-computer interactions and focusing on immediate feedback loops (micro-level metrics) instead of solely on lagging indicators (macro-level metrics), satisfaction is more effectively measured. This type of engagement is a game-changer is measuring satisfaction and indicating happiness. It should be a top priority of AI architects, since users who have positively ending conversations come back. This is the key to the new personal AI assistant revolution.

Check out Heidi’s full presentation below and read more from Heidi and her writing recent blog post, Conversations with Ozlo: Happily Engaging with a Sidekick.