Building better projects with RuggedProjects

It’s time for amazing projects

It’s time for amazing projects

I’m really excited to introduce RuggedProjects, a modern project management workflow that brings a balance in feature capability and user experience for freelancers, teams and agencies looking to upgrade their productivity output.

Chances are you’ve probably cycled through many project management apps that either turn out to be overwhelming with complicated features, have high learning curves or clunky workflows that don’t fit right with your team.

RuggedProjects has been built to solve for the design flaws and feature complexity that lessen adoption and long term use of project management platforms by focusing on 5 key areas:

  1. A beautiful and engaging web experience
  2. Real-time private and group chat messaging
  3. Streamlined notification system
  4. Insightful Dashboards
  5. Unlimited projects, user stories, tasks and sprints

Fast Sign Ups

Signup on RuggedProjects is designed to be fast, delightful and secure with the aim of turning new users into thriving, highly engaged users. Every new account comes with a 30 day free trial period and access to all the features on the platform without any restrictions.

User sign-up page


The dashboard provides a snapshot perspective of your entire workflow from project, tasks, messages, notifications and a real-time activity stream. Insight into key components of your project are beautifully represented on pie charts and bar graphs that change with each successful update to your tickets. As your projects grow, you can be confident of staying on top of multiple work streams at a moment’s glance and pick up exactly where you left off.

Dashboards view

Private and Group Messenger

Teams can communicate directly without 3rd party applications and integrations. Users can write private messages, share files and invite other team members for collaborative messaging.

individual & group chat messaging


Never miss important updates through the sleek notification system that will have you excited about team mates assigning you tasks, user stories, tasks, commenting on your tickets, updates to conversations and other subscribed events. Updates are visible in the notification page which means lesser transactional emails to clutter your inbox

pop up notifications

Unlimited Projects

With a learning curve that’s near level zero, building projects, user stories, tasks, sprints and backlog is a breeze. User stories, backlogs, tasks, sprints and assignable users can be created to capture all the functional requirements and estimated timelines for your project. Whether you’re going at as a freelancer, or with a team, you can easily build what you need to accomplish the goals you’ve set.

unlimited projects

Project Backlogs

Every project comes with a backlog that allows you to create user stories and sprints for your project. Here you can groom your users stories or plan which sprints will have the tickets you are working on. Also, for all your unassigned user stories, these are at the bottom of the backlog in the “no sprints” bucket.

project backlogs

Sprint boards

The Sprint board lets users and teams work on their user stories within a pre-defined period, usually 2 weeks. Here, users stories and tasks can be tracked from “to do” to complete.

Project sprint boards

Give it a try

RuggedProjects is completely free for 30 days with no payment information required for that period. Whether you’re working alone, in a team or an agency, our platform is designed to bring out the most productivity in your work. Try it out today.

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