Guide to converting your SXS2 tokens to SXUT and SXDT tokens with MyEtherWallet (Metamask compatible) — Process starts at 9PM GMT on the 12th of Dec 2017.

Before going through the steps of converting the SXS2 stem tokens to SXUT and SXDT tokens, please review the following important information about the tokens:
*Upon contribution during the token sale, the user received “Stem tokens” (SXS) within a few minutes and these appeared in the ETH wallet they used for the contribution. Corresponding bonus appeared along with, and in the form of the “Stem tokens”.
After the end of the Public Sale, users have 28 days to convert their “Stem tokens” to either Dividend or Utility tokens, depending on their preference. Any unconverted “Stem tokens” will automatically become Utility tokens, meaning they will not be lost.
*Spectre New Stem token’s symbol is SXS2
Spectre Utility Token’s symbol is SXUT
Spectre Dividend Token’s symbol is SXDT
*There has been some upates regarding token conversion process which is reflected in the following article:

It is also very important to note that you must have a bit of ETH available in your wallet in order to cover the transaction cost (Gas).

For MetaMask users only:
1)Log into your MetaMask wallet via your MetaMask browser extension.
2)Navigate to .
3)Select Send Ether & Tokens.
4)Select Connect to MetaMask.
5)Continue with Step 2 below.

Below are the steps to complete the conversion.

Step 1
Go to, click on Send Ether & Tokens and log in to your wallet (select to log in with MetaMask if you use that wallet for contribution and MetaMask browser plug-in is installed).

Step 2
If the SXS2 token does not already show up in your wallet, you need to add it manually. Select Add Custom Token on the right side of the page.

Step 3
Log into
your Token Sale Portal at Select “here” after STEP 1 at the top of the page.

Step 4
Enter the SXS2 token contract address into the Token Contract Address field. Enter SXS2 into the Token Symbol field. Enter 18 into the Decimals field. Select Save.

Step 5
Your SXS2 tokens will now show up in your wallet.

Step 6
Select Load Tokens if your SXS2 are not loaded automatically.

Step 7
Go back to your Token Sale Portal at Select “here” after STEP 2 at the top of the page.

Step 8
Read the message carefully and when ready, select OK.

Step 9
Based on your preference, copy the corresponding ETH address. Use the Copy To Clipboard buttons for comfort.

Please note that you can exchange the SXS2 tokens to SXUT or SXDT tokens at any split you want. For example if you have 100 SXS2 tokens , you may select how many of them you send to the SXUT address and how many to the SXDT address. You do not necessarily need to select only one of them. Please note though, that once a transaction is made, it cannot be reversed.

Step 10
Go back to your MyEtherWallet account and paste the corresponding ETH address to the To Address field. Enter the amount of SXS2 tokens to convert. Select SXS2 from the drop-down menu. Enter 500000 to the Gas Limit field (please note that it’s a complex process, thus the high gas limit. The unused gas should be refunded to your wallet). You can change the Gas Price at the top — this will determine the transaction speed.

Step 11
Before finishing the transaction, make sure that all transaction details are correct, because the transaction is irreversible! Bring up the token sale screen again and compare one more time the ETH address that you are sending the SXS2 tokens to. This is very important, do not skip this step!

Step 12
Click Generate Transaction when ready, as shown at the bottom of the image of step 10 above.

Step 13
Click on Send Transaction.

Step 14
Verify the details of the transaction and click on Yes, I am Sure! Make Transaction when ready.

Step 15
As soon as the transaction has been processed, you will receive the corresponding tokens (SXDT/SXUT) to your wallet.

Step 16
To see your SXUT and/or SXDT token balance on your MyEtherWallet account, click on View Wallet Info at the top. You may need to log in again.

Step 17
Select Add Custom Token at the right side of the page.

Step 18
Depending on the token you are adding (SXUT or SXDT), enter the corresponding ETH address (you can get these from Token Sale Portal) into the Token Contract Address field. Enter the corresponding token symbol (SXUT or SXDT) into the Token Symbol field. Enter 18 into the Decimals field.

Step 19
After the token balances are loaded, you will see the amount of SXUT and/or SXDT tokens you have in your wallet.

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