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In our recent Update on the Spectre Exchange, we have introduced IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings) to the platform where we provide qualified projects the environment for them to bring their coin or token to the market and to the public. With the introduction of IEOs, we are proud to present you the first IEO project: CHAOS.

CHAOS is the world’s first true IOT-driven production, and distribution decentralized token specifically for Energy and Commodity markets that is executed entirely via Smart contracts on the blockchain. The CHAOS coin channels yield from various projects (such as Crude oil and Natural gas production, Bitcoin Mining operations, Real Estate liquidations and Digital Asset trading) to token holders. According to the CHAOS management team the CHAOS Token Holders receive ongoing USDC rewards in proportion to the number of tokens held. With an APY in the range of 16% and 27% that accrues daily, and is claimable monthly. Along with IEOs, we have also made an affiliate portal available on the exchange, which you can find here:

The teams of Spectre Exchange and CHAOS held a webinar together on the 13th of May 2022 to share some information about the update and the CHAOS project. You may find the recording of the webinar here:

Chaos Introduction Webinar May 2022

In the light of the recent developments, we would like to present you a guide about signing up to Spectre Exchange, getting your account ready, whitelisting and participating in the CHAOS IEO (applies to future IEOs as well).

1) Visit to access the Spectre Exchange main website. Click on the Sign Up button at the top right corner.

If you already have an account, skip to step 5.

2) Fill in your details, tick the box if you agree to the T&C, Privacy Policy and KYC Policy and then select Sign Up.

3) If submitting the registration form was successful, you will see a message accordingly. A verification email was sent to your submitted email address.

4) Find the verification email and click on the verification link in the email.

5) After logging into your account, please submit your KYC (Know Your Customer) details, as the KYC application is required to conduct any trading activities on the exchange. You can find the KYC application in the dropdown menu after clicking on your username at the top right corner. If the KYC is not visible in the dropdown, it means you have already submitted the application and must wait for it to be approved.

If your KYC application is already approved and you have added your deposit/withdrawal address to your account and confirmed them, you may skip to step 14.

6) Fill out the first part of the KYC form and click Continue.

7) Select your ID type and upload the required images of the document.

8) Fill out your address details and upload a Proof of Address document. This can be either a utility bill or a bank statement that includes your full name, full address and the date. The document must be issued within the past 3 months.

9) When your KYC application is successfully submitted, you will see a message accordingly.

10) After your KYC application is submitted, you can already make a deposit to your account to get ready to participate in IEOs and engage with the orderbook. To do that, select Banking at the top right.

11) You will need to add your ETH, BTC and/or Avalanche C-Chain address to your account. Select “Click here” to start adding your address. Select the correct chain and then add your address in the field. Select Save to continue.

12) For security reasons, you will need to confirm the added address via email. Find the email in the inbox of your registered email and click on the link to verify your address.

13) Once your address is confirmed, you may add supported coins, tokens and currencies to your account on the same Banking/Treasury page. This will allow you to see the balances of those coins, tokens and currencies on your account.

14) To access the IEOs on the exchange, select IEOs at the top left.

15) The already listed IEOs may have not fully launched their sale yet, so you would need to Join the waitlist. You may participate in the token sales of already launched projects without needing to join a waitlist. Select the Join the waitlist on the selected IEO dashboard.

16) Fill out the required details in the Waitlist application and select Submit.

17) If your Waitlist application was accepted, you will see a message accordingly.

Additional steps may be provided about how to complete a purchase of CHAOS tokens after the sale starts.

Good luck!
Team Spectre.Exchange

Risk warning: Investments made by the wider group or any specific companies related to the group are made after careful consideration of risks and opportunities. Most investments, such as that made into SOP, are not for retail investors and it is strictly advised to seek the financial advise of a qualified investment advisor before investing in any risky asset. All products and services at Hatchworks or any related projects are closed to U.S citizens and other restricted regions which can be found on the Terms and Conditions of the respective product websites. Spectre Exchange is a fully regulated and authorised broker dealer.



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