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Hatchworks ( — How to withdraw Rewards. Part 4: Trezor (directly)

The following is a guide on how to withdraw your rewards from the rewards portal of It is important to note that in order to claim your rewards you need first to have registered an account and also completed the KYC onboarding process.

Step 1: Log in to from a Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Add all the ETH addresses where you hold tokens inside the platform.

a) Click on “here” inside the instruction panel on the “ETH Wallet Details” block of the platform:

b) Add your ETH address on the first available wallet field inside the popup:

Step 3: Select your ETH address from the dropdown menu inside the “Reward Details” block of the platform.

Step 4: Select to either withdraw a specific reward or “withdraw all”.

Step 5: Make sure you have your Trezor wallet connected to your computer.

Step 6: Select “Trezor” on the popup and click on “Submit” in order to open up a new window with the trezor interface.

Step 7: Click on “Allow once for this session” in order to allow to connect to your Trezor. Please note that you will not be able to proceed unless your firmware is up to date.

Step 8: Enter your PIN in order to confirm the transaction in your Trezor wallet. Please remember to have some ETH on the address to cover the GAS costs of the withdrawal request.

Step 9: Check on your Trezor and confirm the various suggested actions:

Step 10: Wait a few minutes until the transaction is processed. You can find the transaction id on the popup message appearing at the bottom left of the screen and also on the receipt of the reward withdrawal. If you are trying to withdraw from an ETH address that is not in your Trezor wallet, then a respective message will appear at the bottom left of your screen.

Please note that the transaction may take from a few minutes to a few hours to go through depending on network congestion.

Kindly send an email to with your transaction Hash and your email address if you face any issues.

Warning: The information contained in this post is not a solicitation to invest in or trade at U.S citizens are restricted from participating in any products and technical measures are in place to ensure these blocks remain in place.



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