Hatchworks (spectre.ai) — ICO Over and token conversion update!

Oto Suvari
Dec 10, 2017 · 3 min read

Dear all,

An end of an era; the Spectre.ai ICO is over! Thanks to all your support, Spectre.ai is well capitalised and the future is very bright with our beta just around the corner at the end of this month!

Update on the SXS token conversion process: Shortly after the ICO ended earlier today, around 4% of investors tried to convert their SXS to either SXD or SXU tokens. While the correct quantities were sent out to them and displayed correctly in MEW wallets, owing to a decimal place ‘cosmetic’ issue with the way certain exchanges and other ERC20 wallets interpret the code in these tokens, they were not displaying correctly elsewhere. In order to avoid confusion, we have paused the conversion process for another 48 hours.

Next steps: All investors will receive new SXS2 tokens automatically (cloned) in the ETH addresses they sent funds from, during the token sale, by 6pm GMT on 12th December (coming Tuesday). They can login to check this then. After 9pm GMT on the same day, they can again login to their secure token sale portal area and simply send these tokens to either the new dividend or utility token smart contract address that will appear there. For those few investors who had already converted their SXS tokens they will still receive SXS2 at the same quantity as they had when the ICO finished so they have not lost out in any way. Investors now forth, will receive SXDT (dividend token) and SXUT (utility token), when they convert. These are the official Spectre.ai dividend and utility tokens, respectively.

What about the old tokens? Any SXU and SXD that were converted earlier today after the ICO, will not be accepted for dividends or to unlock privileges on the platform and so will die a natural death. If any investors hold those tokens it is suggested to send them back to us where they will be retired/burnt or alternatively, investors can send those old tokens to “0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead" for automatic burning. Those investors simply need to redo the conversion but using their newly issued SXS2 tokens.

Any gas expenditure incurred by the investors when converting earlier today will be refunded upon request, in full. Simply send the transaction ID of your SXS to SXD or SXU conversion to team@spectre.ai when requesting the refund.

Thanks for your patience,

Team Spectre.ai

Warning: The information contained in this post is not a solicitation to invest. All ICO participants should carefully go over all the risks described in the whitepaper on the token-sale website. The token-sale was strictly closed to U.S citizens and a range of technical measures were in place to ensure citizens from restricted regions (as outlined in the token-sale T&C), including the U.S, were not be able to contribute. If you used a VPN to bypass our terms and conditions in order to skirt geographical restrictions and this is brought to our attention, you may be denied service and will also be required to follow through with a forced refund. Please email ir@spectre.ai for further information.


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