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teamspectreai completes first year.

We are pleased to announce SPECTRE.AI has delivered another quarter of user growth in Q4, January to March 2019, and as a result a positive first year. This is despite ongoing tumult in both, Ethereum prices and the blockchain sector in general.

SPECTRE.AI is the world’s first broker-less and fraud-free trading platform that uses unique smart contract technology built on the Ethereum blockchain for users to trade “Digital Contracts” directly against a decentralised pool of liquidity. “Digital Contracts” are speculative trades on a prediction model, blockchain verified, resulting in pay-outs averaging 75% with expiries from just 10 seconds to end of day.

The growth continues SPECTRE.AI’s rise in the blockchain community as the go-to platform for traders on the one hand and investors on the other, but increasingly also is being seen as an attractive alternative to the traditional and outdated platforms in the forex, options and speculative trading industry. Some of our closest competitors see annual trading volumes close to $1 billion, and we are looking over time to bring a large portion of this volume to Spectre.

Blockchain Industry Volatility

The blockchain market in the last year was volatile enough to cause serious unease among even the most fervent of crypto enthusiasts. Throughout 2018, the price of Ethereum slumped by more than 80%, down to a yearly low of $85 USD (a far cry from its all-time high of $1,448 in January 2018).

In addition to that, most companies that completed their token sales around our date are down anywhere from 50% to 95% with many high-profile ones winding down. There has been a large number of scam or scam-like projects, a fall in returns for token sale participants, an increasing lack of transparency among ICO projects, plus of course the overall market downtrend.

To reflect this decline, at the end of Q3 we revised guidance down and are happy to report that our end of Y1 results fall within this guidance. As previously reported, the group continues to grow and has made major strategic strides with regards to hiring key personnel from major competitors (to be announced in the next couple of months), progress with the necessary expansion into both full-fiat-based trading and full-fledged API connectivity (again, announcements expected soon) and, of course, the full release of the group’s gaming platform, Betverse.

At the time of writing, our two ERC-20 tokens sit at $0.177 (SXDT) and $0.096 (SXUT). During our initial capitalisation event in 2017, these tokens funded the liquidity pool by selling at an average of $0.13. Total supply of SXDT is 140 million (with 82 million circulating), and of SXUT is 43 million (with 25 million circulating). At the time of writing, the tokens are either above issuance price (in the case of our rewards token, SXDT) or slightly below (when looking at our utility token), in a market that is between 70–90% down across the board since the start of 2018.

Q4 Results Figures:

· Active users by the end of Q4 was 2,033, with the number of registrations at over 19,000

· The liquidity pool remained fairly static during Q4

· Volume traded during Q4 — $1,817,324

· Volume traded since launch — $6,061,953 (in-line with our guidance range)

· Close to 200 traders have used the SXUT token to upgrade their trading privileges

· The total year end special reward to be paid to SXDT token holders is 125 ETH which is $21,375 and will be paid out at the end of April 2019 (in-line with our guidance range)

Scheduled for 2019:

● Early Close — the ability to close a trade early, thereby de-risking it (already available on demo accounts)

● EPIC (Epochal Price Index Composite) — high volatility product.

● Full fiat payment service providers

● Mobile app for both Android and iPhone devices

● A full-service API

● out of beta

● Spectre Exchange

● Moonfolio

Conference Call: The management team will be holding a live, recorded conference call on Sunday April 28th 2019 at 1.00pm GMT (2.00pm London time). The details of the call will be emailed to token holders shortly.

Regulatory Notice: is strictly closed to U.S citizens. Trading and investing involves high risk and you can lose all your money.



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