Spectre.ai Results Y6 Q1

Oto Suvari
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3 min readAug 4, 2023


We are pleased to announce end of Q1 results for 2023–24 (April to June) for Spectre.ai.

Y6 Q1 Results:

  • The actual number of total traders by the end of this quarter rose to 11,753 with 787 of these actively trading this quarter.
  • The total number of registrations, as of end Q1, stood at 152,405. From these, 3,228 registered within this quarter.
  • Volume traded since launch — $51,990,718 (including wallet accounts).
  • Volume traded during this quarter alone was $926,669. DALP growth of $29K.
  • Decentralisation factor: 0.53%. This is the lowest level we have seen.
  • SXUT take-up factor: 127 traders used SXUT tokens to upgrade (no change).
  • Number of wallet accounts since launch = 62 (no change).
  • Paid out winnings during this quarter: $396,092.
  • SXDT rewards paid out = $74,260 (vs. $192,126 last year in Q1).
  • Number of fraud incidents: 0.

Once again results are reflective generally of the continuing international economic downturn. With so much uncertainty regarding inflation, interest rates, changing levels of consumer income and government taxations, weaker trading volumes are in evidence everywhere. Plus, of course, the crypto market continues to be hit by scandals, hacks, and frauds that have plagued the industry in recent years.

These events have led to the collapse of some prominent projects and exchanges meaning confidence and interest in anything remotely crypto-related remains low, and this is combined with the continuing general worldwide crackdown on short term synthetic trading.


We were delighted to officially launch Phoenix during this quarter; our passive-investing-app that allows users to participate in decentralised currency trading as market makers, earning real-time yields in USDC — the worlds most regulated and safe stablecoin with many fiat offramps allowing both blockchain and traditional investors, to a participate. Addressing the various macroeconomic and sector-specific issues that plague Spectre and the industry on the whole, our ongoing pivot towards more passive investing products, continues.

Addressing the trust issues and lack of reliable yield sources in the crypto sector, Phoenix simplifies liquidity mining and offers customisable risk-reward tiers. After the first full month of operations, the annualised yields were 20.30%, 13.00% and 8.81% for the Ignite, Cruise and Buffer pools respectively. If you’ve not yet seen this, more information is available at www.phoenixapp.io where you can also download the Mac or PC version of the app and get started right away!

The Future

We will soon be holding a strategic webinar to discuss the results of the last quarter, the developments that took place during this period and the future of the firm’s projects as a whole. This will include updates not only for Spectre, but also for Phoenix, SkillGaming, Spectre Exchange, other projects and ongoing R&D. As always this webinar will be open to token holders only and full details will be sent shortly.

Regulatory Notice: Spectre.ai is strictly closed to U.S citizens. Trading and investing involves high risk and you can lose all your money.



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