Spectre.ai Results Y6 Q2

Oto Suvari
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3 min readNov 16, 2023


Spectre.ai performed its final quarter in operation and was subsequently sunset in October 2023.

Y6 Q2 Results:

  • Traders: The total number of traders by the end of this quarter has risen to 11,868, with 375 of them actively trading during this quarter.
  • Registrations: As of the end of Q2, total registrations stood at 154,325, with 1,920 new registrations occurring within this quarter.
  • Trading Volumes:
    *Total volume traded since launch stood at $52,749,012, inclusive of wallet account transactions.
    *The volume traded during this quarter alone amounted to $758,294.
    *DALP growth of $20,000.
  • Decentralisation Factor: Currently at 0.52%, this is the lowest level we have observed.
  • SXUT Take-up Factor: There is no change in the SXUT take-up factor, with 127 traders using SXUT tokens for upgrades.
  • Wallet Accounts: The number of wallet accounts since launch remains unchanged at 62.
  • Payouts:
    *Paid out winnings for this quarter amounted to $330,128.
    *SXDT rewards paid out this quarter were $74,450, compared to $155,999 in the same quarter last year.
  • Fraud Incidents: We maintained our stringent security measures, resulting in zero fraud incidents for this quarter.

Sector and Project Updates:

  • Spectre.ai, as announced a few months ago, is no longer operational.
  • Our newly launched Phoenix app (www.phoenixapp.io) has been performing well, offering users a way to engage in decentralized currency trading with real-time yields paid in USDC. The app’s progress and aesthetics reflect our commitment to innovation and addresses industry-specific challenges.
  • TVL remains demure at just c. $0.5m, with positive returns to date including transaction fees, for all 3 pools to date and APYs hitting target levels.
  • The app is now available for Mac, PC, modern web browsers and mobile phone (as a web app) and new features are being added periodically. Major upcoming features include lowering the entry minimums per pool to just $100.00 (from $1,000.00) and a full-scale affiliate program. It is worth noting that SXUT is required, to power Phoenix.
  • The team will reorient growth and marketing efforts towards scaling Phoenix once key features under development, are done this calendar year.
  • Cost cutting measures which began last year, continue and will continue in order to bring the group’s fixed cost base down further in order to ensure break-even to profitable months. That being said, the group is continuing to hire select assets with a skill-set in programming and quantitative research.
  • Ahead of the next bull-run in the blockchain sector, the group is carefully running due diligence on multiple yield opportunities to create supplemental income flows for SXDT.
  • We expect in Q1/Q2 of 2025, income from longer term investments to start to mature.

Looking Forward:

We are gearing up for a strategic webinar to discuss the results and developments of the last quarter. This event will also cover future plans for Phoenix, SkillGaming, Spectre Exchange, and other R&D projects. Access to this webinar will be exclusive to token holders, and we will be sending out full details shortly.

Regulatory Notice: Phoenix remains strictly closed to U.S. citizens. Trading and investing involve high risk, and there is a possibility of losing all invested capital.



Oto Suvari

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