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Discover graphql-sequelize-generator and the magic of schema-generated GraphQL!

The GraphQL Summit 2017, when we decided to switch from REST to GraphQL.

Graphql-sequelize-generator is a library that will help you to quickly setup a Node.js POC/MVP with Sequelize and GraphQL.

We want a POC, and we want it now!

When we started to work on Teamstarter we wanted to quickly test it on our user base and see if the concept worked. We needed a very simple implementation of the core of the concept, a private crowdfunding platform for organizations, a proof of concept (POC).

Usually, when I do a small POC of a random idea, most of the time it ends up as a dead repository on my Github after a few weeks, like an ECS based on redux or…


Feedback from the trenches for developers discovering the Javascript/Typescript World.

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