21 Content Generation Ideas for Marketing Teams

Olivier Roth
Mar 25 · 3 min read
  1. Hire a writer to interview an in-house expert and produce one white paper a month. Split the paper in a series of 4 blogs and link to the gated paper to collect leads. Think efficiency in your content generation!
  2. Create useful lists and marketing content for your audience (people love lists: Hopefully this list is useful to you).
  3. Write summaries of industry events you’re attending.
  4. Read the news and “newsjack” top industry news. Marketing content associated to hot industry news gets often a lot of attention. Read the news!
  5. Create a monthly series of webinars: Repetition creates virality in content generation.
  6. Invite experts in your industry to your webinars and events. Generate content that converts and leverage the experts to help you spread the word. They are the people with the largest audience.
  7. Host an online live chat about an industry hot topic with an in-house or external subject matter expert. This is another format to the traditional webinar that’s easier to organize and a bit more original.
  8. Host a special “From the CEO” tribune on your blog so he/she contributes on a weekly or monthly basis. Leverage people with the biggest network and social media presence in your company. Identify them, and invite them to lunch often!
  9. Invite your clients to contribute blogs to get exposure. Surprisingly efficient and great content generation strategy that also improves relationships.
  10. Ask your partners if you can repost some of their blog articles and content. Leverage and repurpose what’s in front of you!
  11. Host a series of local networking events, quarterly, and invite panelists to discuss a topic related to your business.
  12. Create an online library of white papers. It takes time but it’s an SEO gold mine.
  13. Establish a media list and keep it updated. Establish relationships with bloggers so they repost your news, PRs, events, and blogs.
  14. Create a daily recap of industry news to send by email internally and to an opt on list: it makes you look like you’re on top of the news, it’s very useful for market intelligence. It’s the opposite of “salesy”, and it’s very useful to your clients, plus they see your brand every morning.
  15. Automatically post this daily recap to your blog: Another SEO goldmine in the content generation field.
  16. Create a library of clients and partners video interviews: that’s the best way to showcase customer stories. Youtube gives great additional exposure to your videos on search engines.
  17. Post questions on relevant LinkedIn groups. Generate your content where it matters. Then people will come to your website.
  18. Answer questions on Quora. This social network is growing quickly.
  19. Give top news exclusivity to a handful of your most valuable media contacts.
  20. Sign your marketing-produced white papers by the most relevant in-house expert, even if he is only a contributor to the paper: Google values authorship a lot.
  21. Use Hootsuite or Buffer to automate social media postings about your content. Favor industry relevant LinkedIn groups and utilize every relevant LinkedIn profile in your company to add them on your account.

Thanks for reading, please share this list of content generation tips if you find it useful, and feel free to make additions in the comment.


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