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Throughout the last few years, loads of people have put out their little schemes and plots to become “InstaFamous”… Most don’t work. There is one though that does every single time, Shout outs and Share for share.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see an Instagram account posting some piece of content recommending their followers to follow another page. Most of the time I just look over the post and continue down my timeline, I assume you do too. Unless it’s something that catches your attention then, you might check out their page and possibly even follow them. So why do the bigger pages do this? The most common answer is that smaller pages pay these IG influencers to drive traffic to their page in hopes that they gain new followers. It’s pretty awesome, but I don’t want you just running out there and paying pages to shout you out without you knowing how it works, how much to pay, where to find quality influencers and, what types of posts work best!

How it works

To start, you must go out and find a page that has the type of followers that you are targeting. Once you have found 5 or 6 pages message each one of them asking for their rates on shout outs. I would recommend that you buy multiple shouts from the same person, in my experience 2–4 spaced out through the week has the best ROI for my page.

Pro Tip: They are selling air. Just space on their page that doesn’t cost them anything. So they are usually willing to haggle a little. You can always use the other pages rates against them too to see if you can get cheaper rates.

Types of Shouts

Repost-This is probably the most common practice throughout IG. The influencer will just grab one of your photos and post it on their timeline. This strategy is the easiest and usually the cheapest. The problem is most people don’t take action on the photo. You will probably get tons of likes on their page but not as much click through back to your page. The reason for this is usually the people do not realize that the photo is from another account. (I usually don’t recommend this path)

Screeners- This is the second most common shout. This is when you post a screen shot of your page (9 photo square). This was my favorite path for the longest time. This type of post stands out and catches the eyes of their followers. If they like your profile then more than likely they will visit. The problem is this is getting more and more common.

IG Stories- This technique is so new because IG just launched their 24-hour stories (Like Snapchat). I will be honest I have never tried it. The idea behind it is to have the account post a photo or a video of them talking telling their followers to check you out. Make sure they but your username on their post because it will be a clickable link!

Videos- This is by far the best technique right now. IG before would only allow 15-second videos they just recently upped that number to a full minute. You can say so much more in 60 seconds. The funny thing is that even when you were limited to 15… It was till the best for ROI Examples below.

These work because it’s different. Most pages don’t post videos. So when people see one in their feed naturally they watch it… On each of these videos they tell the person watching it to take some sort of action. “click the link in the bio” or follow somebody. These work magic…
Pro tip: Pay the influencer a little extra to change their bio a bit…. Have them put the link of your choice in their bio… Do you have a funnel? Perfect way to collect loads of leads…. No funnel? Put your IG URL there to give the followers another place to find you.

Crucial when you pay for the link make sure that in the last line of the influencers bio they put a call to action “Click the link below for…” I like emoji sooo I put the downward fingers there too.. check mine out


Where to get these videos… easy, you must ask… send me an email!


If you found this useful please let me know!! I love getting feedback from the crowd. My goal is to help the new age entrepreneur succeed and learn from my experiences!!!

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