Awesome! The New UN Web TV Schedule

What is streaming live on United Nations Web TV today? Check out the schedule with an embedded Teamup Calendar.

The live schedule is more than a list of event titles

Go to the live schedule. You may notice that it is built on a Teamup Calendar which is embedded into the UN website. Now do the following and experience for yourself:

  • Time zone. See the time zone indicator in the bottom right? It should have automatically detected the local time zone your computer is set to. That means the time zone of the schedule adjusts automatically to your local time (unless your computer time zone is set to another one other than that of where you are)! This is a perfect solution for the United Nations, and whoever anywhere in the world! If you want to see the schedule in another time zone, click the time zone indicator and select the time zone you wish. Voila, there you are!
  • Event details. Check the Details box to show or hide the full descriptions of the scheduled events. Note many have photos displayed directly in the event descriptions.
  • Save an event to your personal calendar or share further. Right-click on any event to open the context menu, or just click to open the event viewer. Click Share. Now you have a set of sharing options available to you, for example:
     — Save the event to your personal calendar like iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook, so you don’t miss it.
     — Share on Facebook and Twitter 
     — Share as an event page, which can be easily shared further by posting the page URL, or using the buttons in the top right as shown on the screenshot below.

Have fun watching UN Web TV!