How to Enable Signups on Teamup Mobile Apps

On iOS and Android mobile apps, you can enable signups on an event, set a maximum number, and more.

Setting a signup option for an event helps you keep track of attendees and make better plans.

For the Event Organizer

Hosting a workshop? It helps to know how many people will attend. Or perhaps you’re booking a training session with a small group of clients; you need to know who will be there, and prevent too many clients from showing up.

In the event editor, click on the gear icon for Options. Then click on Signups. Now you can toggle the top button to turn on event signup. Then set a signup deadline, if desired (default setting is the time and date of the event itself).

Toggle max number on, if desired, and adjust the number.

Finally, you can choose who can see the signup list: all users, or users with modify permission. If you make the signup list visible to all users, email addresses are automatically masked to protect privacy.

Enabling signups makes your events easier to plan and manage.

For the Event Participants

Once signup is enabled by the event organizer, a signup button will appear in the event viewer. Any potential participants can signup by clicking the signup button. Want to know who has singed up? Tap the number to the right of the signup button to see the signup list. The event organizer can see both the name and the email address of a signup while the participants and others with read-only access to the event can only see the names of those signed up.

Participant signup and viewing of signup list

Read about using signups in the web browser here.

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Originally published at on Apr 16, 2018.