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Team Journaling Made Easy

Take 15 minutes a day. Make it a habit. Be mindful of our progress and boost team productivity.

Jul 11, 2017 · Unlisted

Understand the purpose

The daily habit is about reflecting on the learning and enlightenment you experienced when a working day draws to close. Besides the personal benefits of journaling, the 15-minute exercise in the team context provides a chance to translate experience into practical wisdom, codify what you’ve learned today, notice the progress and gain confidence to work smarter tomorrow. Doing so together with the team also creates healthy awareness of individual strengths, magnifies the joint learning experience and encourages positive energy.

Make it easy

While a paper-based diary system has been the historical norm for journaling, an online calendar like Teamup offers many advantages:

  • If some members prefer using other systems or another Teamup Calendar, no problem, integrate and sync via iCalendar feeds.
  • Teamup Calendar is easily accessible not only on the web but also on mobile devices via the apps. If you have a smartphone with you most of the time, make use of it.
  • When pictures are more expressive than words, upload them directly to where they belong.
  • It’s easy to share any specific journal entries with a wider team without cluttering the communication channels with irrelevant information.

Set up your team journal

Click here to create your team journal. Customize it with your team brand, add team members, make it accessible from your iPhone or any Android devices.

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Make it a team habit

Whether you start the habit building in your next staff meeting, or set up a 15-minute recurring event in the team calendar as a reminder, make it a daily habit. Focus on one lesson a day to start with. It’s much more than marking items as done on a todo list. It’s about being mindful of our progress as individuals and as a team.

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