New in Teamup: Customizable event fields, comments, signup & more

November 2017 issue of Teamup Newsletter

Teamup continues to develop new product capabilities that make life easier for groups of any size in any industry anywhere in the world.

At Teamup Calendar we’ve been busy introducing new features and making improvements over the past months. It’s time for an update!

Teamup has been built for groups from the very beginning. The needs of groups continue to be our focus of product development. We introduced event signup and event comments earlier. Now we have just made event fields customizable (public beta), so that you can not only rename the built-in fields of Who/Where/Description, but also add custom fields as needed. View an example.

Allow users to signup for an event and view the participant list… Read more.

Add comments to any event, keep them private or make them visible to all… Read more.

Discover new possibilities with customizable event fieldsRead more.

Printing your calendar just got easier and better. Teamup’s new PDF print function optimizes the print layout, improves the print quality, and gives you a ready to print PDF file. Print in full color or eco mode. The eco mode increases readability of printouts and reduces print cost. Read more.

Teamup is now available in 15 languages. The recently added langauges include: Italian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Polish, and Romanian. Read more.

You may have been sharing single events by way of exporting to your personal calendar, posting on social media, or emailing to your group. Since many of you use Teamup for internal planning, sometime it’s desirable to restrict the sharing of calendar events. We’ve now made the sharing options configurable so that the calendar administrator has more control over ways to share events.

No doubt that the mobile experience of Teamup Calendar is becoming ever more important. We’ve released several improvements for mobile users and continue to work on better mobile support. Use your calendar with mobile browser, the iOS appor the Android app (make sure to update to the latest app version).

A Teamup Calendar Plugin for WordPress sites is coming next! If you’d like to participate in a private beta, submit your request via the embedded calendar with event fields customized just for this purpose.

There are a million ways to use Teamup for organizing and sharing information. Simplify the way groups communicate and stay informed! If you have a public Teamup Calendar, we’d love to share it on our Gallery. Do you have a nice story to share? Inspire millions in the world with your success story! Simply email us or use this form.

If you need help or have a question, check out our Help Center, or drop us a note on

Thank you!

The Teamup team